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January, 2016

Eyes Health

10 Tips to save eyesight and improve the health of the eye. Good vision – it’s easy! Pollution, stress, hours spent in front of a computer monitor, and in the evening near the TV does not bring anything good to our health. Particularly pernicious is the overvoltage to our eyes.

Women’s heart deceases

Doctors around the world are very concerned about the health of modern women – over the last 50 years the incidence of heart disease is leading persistently high on the causes of death of young women enough.

Home treatment for Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is an infectious disease, the cause of which is bacteria gonorrhea. It should be noted that the disease is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world, both men and women. As a result of this disease bacteria contribute to the defeat of the mucous membrane of the urinary tract.


Causes of urethritis in men: Urethritis causes urethra from the skin, of the intestine, as well as during sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal) fall pathogens. While the body’s immune system in general and the wall of the urethra are able to deal with it- everything is alright. But once there comes a decrease in the […]

Diet and healthy food

This website represents the quintessence of useful information for all those who put their appearance and health on the first place, who want to lose weight and gain muscle mass, tighten abs and refresh the skin without the use of harmful cosmetics or expensive medications. All necessary information about how to maintain the natural beauty […]

Skin Health

Frantic pace of modern life causes many people to constantly move around the world for business aims. And if a man easily tolerate frequent flights without thinking about their impact on the skin, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can not afford such lightheadedness.

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