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February, 2016

Feet and toes skin

Climbed skin on the feet and toes, what to do? Female magazine “Beauty” Skin Care “climbed the skin on the feet and toes, what to do Unfortunately, in most cases, the question arises why oblazit skin on his feet when he did not notice the problem is not possible. In the early stages of E […]

Complications of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis complications include: hip fracture Compression fracture of the spine Fracture of the radius Disability Reducing the lifetime by 20% Thromboembolism The development of pressure ulcers treatment of osteoporosis

Joint edema

Joint edema – one of the most common symptoms that accompanies the loss of bones and joints of the body. Symptom rarely occurs in isolation and is usually combined with other classic symptoms of inflammation: pain, redness, and violation of the joint function – or just some of them.

How to quit smoking cigarettes?

Probably, there are no smoker, who at least once in his life did not try to quit this addiction. However, despite all the efforts and the desire to stop smoking, quit smoking immediately under the force is not everything. It does not help any pills from smoking, no patches, no frightening labels on packs. Even […]

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