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March, 2016

Inflammation of the uterus

Inflammation of the uterus Inflammation of the uterus – is an inflammatory disease of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. A doctor can diagnose voice adnexitis or salpingo, but still we are talking about inflammation of the appendages. In Latin appendage called adnexitis, so inflammation, with the prefix -um, get adnexitis. Or in Greek: salpinks – […]

Fallopian tubes

Calculating the ratio of the functional state of the fallopian tubes on the basis of the results kimograficheskoy gidrotubatsii in the diagnosis of infertility, we derived permeability coefficient of tubes, it is a mathematical description of their functional state: Pmax. (.. Mm Hg) – the maximum pressure at gidrotubatsii; Pmin. (Mm Hg.). – Set to […]

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