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May, 2016

Care for eyelashes and eyebrows at home

The main rule preserve the beauty and health of eyelashes and eyebrows is a thorough washing before going to bed (never leave your makeup at night). No less important is also the quality of the cosmetics themselves to care for eyelashes and eyebrows – Use only proven products of famous brands.

The main causes of pain in the foot

Feet deceases

Sore feet – the reason of the pain in feet are turning more often to the orthopedist. The foot is quite important anatomical unity of the human skeleton. Thanks to her, unable to stand and walk, leaning on his feet. This is one of the qualities which directly distinguishes man from animal. Despite all this, […]

Strengthening back muscles

Human health depends on lifestyle, which he leads. If any of the bodies or parts of the body weaken or get sick – it is only the result of previous actions. For many years did not know the health problems of the back, it is necessary to pay attention to the spine and muscles, supporting […]

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee: 7 signs of the disease and ways to treat. This is a problem faced by half of humanity: after 65 years, more than half of men and more than 68% of women suffer from osteoarthritis, about 50% of women older than 45 years are at risk, especially those who suffer from […]

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