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July, 2017

Silver jewelry

Silver and silver jewelry – beauty and benefits Silver and silver ornaments are beauty and benefit. Silver is the second most popular metal used for cutting gems, making jewelry and even household items, cutlery, jars, glasses and glasses. Many people prefer this white metal and claim that it is more comfortable for them than gold, […]

Thin hair

Thin hair. How to care for thin hair: nutrition, masks, styling. Thin hair care products Owners of fine hair in the world is not so little – almost all women of our country, as well as many countries in Europe, are forced to solve this problem all their lives. Women of the East were much […]

Lung cancer

A blood test for lung cancer is one of the first and most accurate diagnostic techniques. With any serious disease, the composition of the blood changes, and in the analysis it is possible to understand the nature of the pathology. Naturally, judging the morphology and localization of cancer in the analysis is quite difficult, so […]

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