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Altered state of consciousness

For irrational thoughts in our brain responds one of its region, and for correcting them – completely different.

Psychologists explain human tendency to believe in supernatural phenomena, even when their nature was contradicted in their eyes.

Scientists spoke about the easy way to enter an altered state of consciousness.

“Even if all the conditions are ideal for a person to notice the mistake in their reasoning, and when a person has all the motivation and opportunity to behave rationally, magic intuition still win” – quoted by RIA Science Jane Risen from the University of Chicago .

Human reaction to the smell of death:

  • Many sports fans are quite rational, and sometimes non-believers, but when it comes to the matches of their favorite team, the majority has its own set of rituals and takes from the “supernatural powers”.
  • Psychologist decided to reveal the roots of superstition, the absurdity of which people are fully aware of and, nevertheless, continue to believe in them. She is observing the behavior of a few such people, and tried to describe the work of the mind with the help of mathematical models.

Explains psychologist, a person can think, figuratively speaking, in two ways – “fast” and “slow”.

  • Under the concept of the first scientists mean intuitive thinking that enables us to easily and quickly go out of life situations and take immediate decisions, and under the second – a more energy-intensive way of thinking, which basically works by correcting mistakes of the first.

The relationship between religiosity and nationalism:

  • According to Risen, the fact that superstition continue to weigh on the mind of man, even if he understands their fallacy, says that the work “slow” thinking is responsible not just one but two regions of the brain.
  • The first of them is responsible for the error detection, and the second – for their correction. On the relationship between them can affect the parts of the brain that are responsible for the work of the feelings of intuition, preventing the exchange of information between them.

It is believed to Reisen, and explains why many sports fans behave very superstitious, and managers in large companies often make irrational decisions.

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