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Balanoposthitis – a combined inflammation of the glans (balanitis) and prepuce (the post). balanoposthitis is quite common, its main occurrence causes among adults and children are infections, allergies, chronic diseases.

Balanoposthitis: variants of the disease
As a rule, there are the following forms of current balanoposthitis:

1. Acute balanoposthitis:

  • plain;
  • erosive;
  • gangrenous.

2. Chronic balanoposthitis:

  • indurativnyy;
  • ulcerative hypertrophic.

In a simple balanoposthitis in the inner layer and the glans inflammation occurs, then there small festering erosion.

  • Erosive balanoposthitis characterized by white patches of necrotic epithelial swollen and bright red painful erosions. In this form balanoposthitis phimosis can develop.
  • Necrotizing ulcerative balanoposthitis is often accompanied by general weakness, fever. Ulcers in this form balanoposthitis painful, relatively large size.
  • The chronic form balanoposthitis followed by shrinkage of the head and the foreskin (indurativnyy) or the appearance of chronic ulcers (ulcerative hypertrophic form balanoposthitis) and accompanies chronic diseases: venereal disease, herpes, fungal infections, diabetes, etc.

Balanoposthitis adults

In adults balanopostit infectious and inflammatory nature most often develops in the following situations:

  • oral sex (in the presence of diseases of the oral cavity or caries);
  • vaginal unprotected sexual intercourse, if the woman has inflammatory diseases
  • of the vagina or dysbiosis;
  • anal sex without a condom;
  • poor hygiene;
  • venereal diseases;
  • chronic systemic diseases: psoriasis, diabetes, and others.

Balanoposthitis treatment complex treatment includes not only the use of drugs, but also to address the root causes that led to balanoposthitis: hygiene, treatment of chronic diseases, abstinence from those forms of intimacy, in which the most likely infected by various microorganisms, circumcision.

Balanoposthitis children

Before puberty balanopostit often due to the following reasons:

  • phimosis (accumulated smegma can become infected and lead to the development balanoposthitis);
  • of infection in perputsialny bag when attempting to parents to dissolve adhesions or open the foreskin when it is narrowing.

Chronic forms of child balanoposthitis manifested by itching, soreness of the penis, purulent discharge. The main cause of chronic process often are regular attempts of parents to open their own foreskin with phimosis. Treatment of acute and exacerbation of chronic balanoposthitis provides for the appointment baths with chamomile or furatsilinom, as well as addressing the root causes that caused the disease.

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