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Common causes of pigmentation

Some formations on the skin, for example, moles, often make a woman more attractive, let us recall at least tempting flies that glossed fashionable women of past centuries on cheeks and near the lips. But the appearance of pigment spots on the body, despite their common nature with moles, few people are happy and adorns. […]

Haircuts in the form of cascades

Haircuts in the form of cascades: who do they fit? If you decide to do a haircut that emphasizes the features of the face and their beauty, the hairstyle that will create a new image and, of course, do not notice much time on the tab, then the haircut-hairstyle cascade is just for you. Cascade […]

Nutrition – a major component of healthy skin

“Nutrition – a major component of healthy skin – doctor says – a man who eats well, is easy to notice as his skin.” Doctor Kubano recommends not to give up fat at all – they are very important to maintain skin elasticity.

How to get rid of pigmentation on the skin?

Dream boasts a chocolate tan after the summer vacation often end this debacle instead of a beautiful smooth skin color – ugly freckles and brown spots. So the fall in cosmetologists working rife – the traditional influx of customers spotted, dotted fabric in spots. And, as luck would have it, “choose” age spots most exposed […]

Care for eyelashes and eyebrows at home

The main rule preserve the beauty and health of eyelashes and eyebrows is a thorough washing before going to bed (never leave your makeup at night). No less important is also the quality of the cosmetics themselves to care for eyelashes and eyebrows – Use only proven products of famous brands.

Prevention of wrinkles

Someone aging of the skin occurs after 20 years old, for some people after 30 years. Many scientists long ago proved that the human body life is more than 100 years. But our way of life, bad ecology, stress driven life in a very narrow framework, with the quality of life often leaves much to […]

Hypoallergenic cosmetics

The main allergens in cosmetics for skin care have been recognized vegetable and essential oils, extracts of chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, parsley and sage, vitamin C, oil of lemon grass, lemongrass, orange tree, plant proteins and their sources – collagen, wheat, avocado, calendula, coconut.

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