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Common causes of pigmentation

Some formations on the skin, for example, moles, often make a woman more attractive, let us recall at least tempting flies that glossed fashionable women of past centuries on cheeks and near the lips. But the appearance of pigment spots on the body, despite their common nature with moles, few people are happy and adorns. […]

Parasites in the body

How to determine the presence of parasites in the body To test yourself for the presence of helminth infection, you can pass the test, responding negatively or positively to these statements. With half the positive answers, there is a high probability that parasites are present in the body.

Lice disease

Lice – this is one of the most sensitive diseases, which do not speak with acquaintances or friends. After all, each of us lice are associated with people unkempt and the poor, who do not observe basic rules of hygiene everyday. In this connection, the topic is taboo for most people. But despite social status, […]

Sport in our life

Squats is a basic exercise that develops the muscles of the buttocks and hips, and the whole body. Squatting is considered one of the most important, but difficult exercises. How to do the exercise: 1. Stand in the middle frame with the stamp. Sit down and put on the neck of the delta; 2. Take […]

Why do I get pimples on my face?

The main difficulty is to understand what causes acne is the reason you have. To find out for sure, you need to see a doctor and to hand over all the relevant tests. Today we try to understand what causes acne often. Why do I get pimples on my face so often? Surging hormones. This […]

Plastic surgery

The possibilities of plastic surgery today is almost endless, and the risks are minimal. Are you ready to be transformed? Plastic surgery – is the most in demand today and are constantly developing field of surgery. Depending on the purpose and type of surgery for plastic surgery are divided into 2 types: reconstructive and aesthetic […]

Removal of lipomas

Lipomas usually do not cause pain, do not harm health. However, doctors believe that they should be treated by surgical removal. Wen is able to deliver a lot of trouble, if it is aesthetic or cosmetic defect, prevents play sports or just live a normal life. The long-term form of the disease can cause stagnation […]


Allergist – important modern profession Allergist has been studying the work and the device of the immune system, its diseases and their treatment. Science itself Allergology is closely intertwined with the immunology, so it is often an allergist and immunologist in combination, but there are some differences.

The main causes of pain in the foot

Feet deceases

Sore feet – the reason of the pain in feet are turning more often to the orthopedist. The foot is quite important anatomical unity of the human skeleton. Thanks to her, unable to stand and walk, leaning on his feet. This is one of the qualities which directly distinguishes man from animal. Despite all this, […]

Strengthening back muscles

Human health depends on lifestyle, which he leads. If any of the bodies or parts of the body weaken or get sick – it is only the result of previous actions. For many years did not know the health problems of the back, it is necessary to pay attention to the spine and muscles, supporting […]

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