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Kidney Diseases

Swelling of the face

A couple of extra cups of tea at night, not only threaten the night race in the toilet, and puffy eyes in the morning. Excess water in the body leads to the fact that liquid is not retained in the vessels, and begins to enter into the intercellular space. In this case, the body “swells” […]

Kidneys and metabolism

The system removal from the human end-products of metabolism kidneys are central, since it is in them the process of urine formation. All of the importance of their functions visible on the example of the withdrawal of substances of protein metabolism – urea and ammonia, which are poison for the body. Furthermore, this body is […]

The most common kidney disease

The most common kidney disease: Pyelonephritis – an inflammation of the kidney that affects their pyelocaliceal system and the outer shell (parenchyma). Usually it manifests high temperature (38-39 ° C), chills, aching muscles, headache, back pain. If these symptoms would be most correct to call a doctor to the house. Pyelonephritis is treated, usually in […]

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