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Men’s deceases

Parasites in the body

How to determine the presence of parasites in the body To test yourself for the presence of helminth infection, you can pass the test, responding negatively or positively to these statements. With half the positive answers, there is a high probability that parasites are present in the body.

Men’s Health after 30 years old

For any person thirty years abroad means a lot. At this time, summed up the results of the first kind of life. And this applies to all areas: work, personal life and, of course, health. The latter is on and will be discussed, because good health is essential for every human being. And this one […]

Urological ultrasound

Urological ultrasound has long been one of the most common diagnosis of the body, all this thanks to the high information content, simplicity of procedures and affordability for all segments of the population. Using ultrasound to visualize and explore the possible nearly all body systems, including the identification of the problems associated with the urinary […]


Paraphimosis – this is a very serious and dangerous condition. So called compression of the glans penis push back the foreskin. Paraphimosis – this is not an independent disease, a complication of phimosis or other time not cured diseases. The condition can occur at the time of employment anonizmom (mostly children), during intercourse or performing […]

Male infertility

Male infertility If the couple regularly lives sexual life without the use of contraceptives, and pregnancy does not occur more than a year, the doctors diagnosed infertile marriages.

Pain in the scrotum

What can mean pain in the scrotum? Prices for the services of call urologist home Appointments ultrasound of the scrotum pain in the scrotum pain in the scrotum shows a wide range of possible diseases to be sure to diagnose and treat. The term “scrotum” is derived from the word “purse”, which translates as a […]


Balanoposthitis – a combined inflammation of the glans (balanitis) and prepuce (the post). balanoposthitis is quite common, its main occurrence causes among adults and children are infections, allergies, chronic diseases. Balanoposthitis: variants of the disease As a rule, there are the following forms of current balanoposthitis:


Causes of urethritis in men: Urethritis causes urethra from the skin, of the intestine, as well as during sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal) fall pathogens. While the body’s immune system in general and the wall of the urethra are able to deal with it- everything is alright. But once there comes a decrease in the […]

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