Tadacip® (Tadalafil)

Tadacip manufactured by Cipla.


Doctor prescription or pharmacy?

Can patient be sure that the doctor has prescribed the most effective drug, but not the one for which he was paid to promote? The relationship of the doctor and the pharmaceutical company controls 74 th article of the Federal Law “On the basis of the health of citizens” (hereinafter – the Law), designed to […]

Altered state of consciousness

For irrational thoughts in our brain responds one of its region, and for correcting them – completely different. Psychologists explain human tendency to believe in supernatural phenomena, even when their nature was contradicted in their eyes.

Ebola Virus

The results confirmed so far only in the laboratory. Researchers have been able to create a “model” of Ebola virus in the laboratory and exposed to one of the receptors of the virus, which was found in Guinea. Which are supposed to slow down its development and distribution.

How to reduce side effects?

The same drug can cause different reactions. Some drug will help, some will cause significant side effects, sometimes even would be useless for the same disease in the same dosage. Why is this happening? The individual response to the medication depends on the age characteristics, concomitant diseases, taking other drugs, addictions, and even dietary preferences. […]

Main 10 facts about Erectile Dysfunction

10 facts about male impotence (erectile dysfunction): Impotence – the word evokes fear and tremble makes a significant portion of the male population of the planet. Here we want to give you some interesting facts about impotence, which may make you think about your man’s potential, and to take care of their health, without the […]

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