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Common causes of pigmentation

Some formations on the skin, for example, moles, often make a woman more attractive, let us recall at least tempting flies that glossed fashionable women of past centuries on cheeks and near the lips. But the appearance of pigment spots on the body, despite their common nature with moles, few people are happy and adorns. They appear after acne, sunburn, there are many other reasons for their occurrence. Folk recipes from pigmentation are diverse, but can it be done at home to remove pigment spots from the skin quickly and permanently?

Common causes of pigmentation

What are the causes of skin pigmentation? There are a lot of them, and it’s not just about age changes that make themselves felt in the form of senile pigment spots on the neck, face, arms, legs and back. There are a number of other factors that are not directly related to age and can also occur in young girls, in adolescents, and in mature women. Let’s list the most common causes of pigmentation:

  • Appearance of solar pigment spots on the back, legs and face after sunburn, when excessive amounts of melanocytes are formed in certain areas of the skin;
  • Darkening may represent traces of acne on the face, on the back, shoulders, neck, in other parts of the body;
  • The formation of pigment spots is often due to hormonal changes in the body, for example, during adolescence or during pregnancy;
  • Prolonged or frequent administration of antibiotics – another cause of darkening of individual skin areas;
  • Elderly age, when a large number of so-called senile pigment spots are formed on the body;

Certain diseases.

Pathological causes often lead to the appearance of pigmentation in certain places on the face or body, and experts advise paying attention to the localization of spots. For example, if they appear only on the forehead, then perhaps the state of the nervous system is not right, if on the neck and in the cheek area, then the causes probably lie in liver problems.

If the stains have an unusual shape, and there is a change in their size, immediately go for a dermatological examination to exclude the diagnosis of melanoma.

Dermatologist examination

Pigmented spots around the eyes often signal a disease of the thyroid gland, and around the mouth, on the beard and chin indicate a malfunction in the functioning of the internal genital organs or gastrointestinal tract. Pigmented areas on the nose and forehead are often a manifestation of endocrine ailments.

Extensive light spots on the body occur with a complex disease of vitiligo, the development of which is associated with stress, and the appearance of pigmentation can also be caused by diseases such as neurodermatitis, eczema and others.

The sun is one of the most common causes of pigmentation, so try not to abuse sunbathing, and if you can not live without summer sunburn, observe all measures to protect the skin from sunlight: use a reliable cream and do not lie down for a long time on the beach.

Before using various national recipes at home, find out the exact cause of the problem by visiting a doctor. Perhaps you will find some disease, and then the doctor will prescribe the appropriate drugs in order to clear the skin of the stains and permanently get rid of the pigmentation.

At the doctor

At pregnancy and some time after sorts try not to try to clear a skin, at random applying various means and national recipes: for the beginning you will have a talk with the gynecologist and the dermatologist.

More effective to get rid of pigmentation after acne or tanning will help regular application of peeling, which exfoliates the cells and renews the upper layer of the skin. From pharmacies, effective removal of pigment spots can be carried out with those containing trethionine, hydroquinone or salicylic acid.

In the beauty salon, you can quickly get rid of pigmentation, literally in 1-2 days, resorting to such procedures as ultrasound or chemical peeling, laser therapy, phototherapy. There are also very effective folk recipes, with which you can also really clean the skin from darkening at home.

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