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Doctor prescription or pharmacy?

Can patient be sure that the doctor has prescribed the most effective drug, but not the one for which he was paid to promote?

  • The relationship of the doctor and the pharmaceutical company controls 74 th article of the Federal Law “On the basis of the health of citizens” (hereinafter – the Law), designed to eliminate the possible bias in the appointment of drugs. Article entered into force on 1 January 2012. Pharmaceutical companies pay doctors banned for use of the drug, but doctors still faced with situations where a medical representative offers money for recommending the “right” medication.

“… Today I was visited by a charming medical representatives, we had quite a collegial talked about an interesting new drug. I thanked him for the information, and then he said, “You just make sure to recipes when you medication to prescribe, legibly his name indicates and personal stamp put clearly, because with each package that will buy your patients, you get 5 dollars” – he writes in the “Opinions on Health Care” in Facebook endocrinologist Anna Bailey.

After the start of the discussion of the Law on the stage of the bill the administration of some medical institutions have decided on the safe side and does prohibit medical representative comes to the doctor for a visit. Only after heated discussions with the involvement of the scientific and medical community, patient organizations and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry was found a solution acceptable seems to be all. Now the order of the chief doctor in clinics established order, which determines the rules of the representatives of pharmaceutical companies and doctors. The visits have become normalized, to track their number, their content must be agreed upon. Despite this, wishing to join the conspiracy still remain.

A matter of trust

  • Ideally, the patient should be treated by a doctor who trust, but a doctor is not at all. Unfortunately, effective way to check your prescription does not exist, it is necessary to have a large amount of specialized knowledge. In private clinics, doctors sometimes prescribe more expensive drugs, sales of which are sometimes interested, considering that the patient can not afford it. This doctor, having learned that the patient is the doctor himself or an employee of pharmaceutical companies, confused and wrote the new recommendations. “Prices for quality analogues drugs may differ at times, and sometimes patients paying for medication, just cover the cost of television advertising the drug,” – said Deputy General Director of pharmaceutical company STADA CIS Yan Paolo.

What deprived doctors and patients

  • The endocrinologist Anna Bailey against unethical practices that are used by some pharmaceutical companies, but in his blog, it also describes the negative consequences of the adopted Law “My patients lost fall to them free samples of expensive original drugs. I do not give them a memo on nutrition in diabetes and colorful books about hypothyroidism. At the International Congress Now I go at their own expense. We have to save up money and travel to these events instead of part of their holidays, but the training is worth it. Continued to lecture, to work in clinical studies, attend after-hours educational activities in Luisiana. In short, everything that is not forbidden is allowed. “
  • According to preliminary results of a field study an autonomous non-profit organization “Center for Social Economy” 50% of physicians regard the visits of medical representatives as a source of relevant information. In 15 regions of US were polled 1,800 doctors, some of whom noted that because of the restriction of access of representatives of pharmaceutical companies dropped their awareness. The fact is that in the very medical institutions educational activities are no more than once a month. The lectures are clinics in the US every week.

Information or disinformation

  • Even a very good doctor with the knowledge of the English language does not have time to read all the new materials in his specialty, the world’s daily published thousands of articles for each of the medical disciplines. In the West, doctors are taught to distinguish reliable from unreliable information, and medical representatives know how to apply information to make them look convincing. Both sides have some training.

Medical Representative can be a good channel of communication that allows to communicate key messages to physicians. Indeed, the majority of pharmaceutical companies specializing in a limited number of diseases, but these diseases, the company collected a large amount of information, as well as the methods of their treatment. Another thing, if the employee using the incomplete knowledge on the part of the doctor, brings only the portion of the information that distinguishes it from other drug.

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