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Dyskinesia of the gallbladder

Dyskinesia of the gallbladder – a disorder in which impaired motility of the gallbladder and its ducts. Because of this bile enters the duodenum in an inadequate amount that leads to a disorder of the digestive process.

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There are two types of dyskinesia: gipomotornomu and hypermotor.

  1. When gipomotornomu type of gall bladder and ducts cut sluggish, so the bile stagnates in the bladder and the duodenum is supplied in small quantities. It is often not enough to digest food. This kind of disorder makes itself felt a dull ache or feeling of heaviness in the right upper quadrant (pain may return to the right hand, the right side of the chest). It may also occur nausea, bitter taste in the mouth, bloating, unstable chair observed (ie constipation, then diarrhea), sometimes – vomiting bile.
  2. Gallstones: how to prevent problems with the gallbladder hypermotor type, on the contrary, is reduced too active. Because of this, it can occur spasm of the biliary tract, which causes a sharp, stabbing pain in the right upper quadrant (it can also give the arm, shoulder, right side of the chest). There may be nausea, vomiting is rare.


Dyskinesia of the gallbladder – a common disease, and the reasons leading to it, a lot.

Hereditary predisposition: the children often patients suffering from dyskinesia is also faced with the problem

Anatomical features, such as constriction in the gall bladder and body bends that violate the normal reduction of the biliary tract.

Gastrointestinal tract: motility of the gallbladder and its ducts can be broken on the background of duodenal ulcer, gastritis, gastroduodenitis.

  • However, not always the root of the problem – in the digestive organs. The development of dyskinesia may contribute to diabetes, thyroid disorders and even chronic ENT infections.
  • Enormous role played by emotional state: motility depends on the condition of the nervous system, so when chronic stress, neurosis, depression may occur violations.
  • Problems with the flow of bile is often observed in women taking hormonal contraceptives.
  • One of the major risk factors – poor diet. Excess fat, spicy foods in the diet, abundant meal (especially if you’re in front of this long abstinence) increases the risk of dyskinesia.
  • Biliary dyskinesia leads to the stagnation of bile, so is one of the risk factors of gallstone formation, ie the development of gallstones.

Memo to the patient:

Treatment of psoriasis depends on its type. When gipomotornoy DZHVP important to intensify the motility of the gallbladder and its ducts. This is usually used cholagogue preparations. When hypermotor type prescribed mainly antispasmodics, which help to relax the bile ducts and relieve pain.

People suffering hypermotor type psoriasis, doctors recommend to remember the rule of three G. It is: from the menu to exclude fat, fried eggs and the yolks – on the background of these foods and meals are usually patient becomes ill. When gipomotornomu type of eggs is possible.

When hypermotor type in the diet should be a lot of foods rich in magnesium – it helps reduce spasm. These include buckwheat, millet, whole wheat bread (not buns!), Fresh herbs.

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