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Ebola Virus

The results confirmed so far only in the laboratory.

  • Researchers have been able to create a “model” of Ebola virus in the laboratory and exposed to one of the receptors of the virus, which was found in Guinea. Which are supposed to slow down its development and distribution.

In Guinea documented new cases of Ebola virus.

  • Scientists have used one of the proteins of the virus called Ebola GP1, based on it to create a “model” of the virus in vitro. The model is almost working: an artificial virus had the ability to infect healthy cells, but was not able to reproduce.
  • During the experiments, researchers have been able to influence the dot receptor called DC-SIGN, the operation of which facilitates the penetration of the virus in dendritic cells.
  • The study’s authors believe that this should not only slow the spread of the virus throughout the body, but also enhance the immune response. Nevertheless, while these results were confirmed only in laboratory conditions and require further verification in the case of “live” virus.

Ebola outbreak was recorded in February 2014 in Guinea, then the virus has spread to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia. Since the beginning of the epidemic in these three countries have died from the disease for more than 11 thousand people, has more than 28 thousand – were infected with a dangerous virus.

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