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Eyes Health

10 Tips to save eyesight and improve the health of the eye.

Good vision – it’s easy!

Pollution, stress, hours spent in front of a computer monitor, and in the evening near the TV does not bring anything good to our health. Particularly pernicious is the overvoltage to our eyes.

These simple rules will help you keep your vision for many years!

  1. Proper lighting. In poor lighting conditions our eyes too quickly overstrained and tired. But too bright light can cause eyestrain.
    Therefore, select the best special fluorescent lights – they are ideal for the most favorable light.
  2. Wink a most! Sitting at the computer we blink less frequently than usual. From this eyeball is not wetted by the lacrimal fluid and becomes too dry. Therefore, as much as possible away from the monitor and blink, blink!
  3. Eyes need variety. Our eye muscles, like everyone else, need for physical training. Therefore, as often as possible eye alternately focuses on remote and near objects.
  4. Relax! It is a simple exercise to relax the eyes: Cover the eyes with his hands, so that the light does not pass through his closed eyelids, and toes. Now for a few minutes to peer into the imaginary horizon. (find a photo facial, which covered his eyes with his hands).
  5. Fresh air. Dry air conditioner or heating radial also adversely affect vision. Therefore, as often as possible ventilate the room and go for a walk, while avoiding contact with cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes in the eye.
  6. Do massage … ear! Massage and lightly pinch the middle part of the ear – it relaxes the eye.
  7. Avoid ultraviolet. Direct sunlight can also cause eye irritation. Ultraviolet radiation detrimental effect on the crystal and on the retina. Therefore, in the sun, always wear a good (quality!) Sunglasses.
  8. Do not forget the vitamins! Very good for the view:
    Vitamin C (citrus fruits, peppers, kiwi)
    Vitamin E (almonds, avocados)
    Vitamin A and its derivatives (spinach, celery)
    and zinc (beef, dairy products, liver).
  9. The life-giving water. Eyes, like the body, needs fluid. Therefore, drink plenty of water and herbal tea!
  10. Relaxing technique for the whole body (such as yoga) a very positive effect on the eyes. People who do not know how to relax, often suffer from diseases of the eye and poor vision. Therefore, those who are suffering from high eye pressure, doctors advise to master one of the techniques of relaxation.

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