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Fallopian tubes

Calculating the ratio of the functional state of the fallopian tubes on the basis of the results kimograficheskoy gidrotubatsii in the diagnosis of infertility, we derived permeability coefficient of tubes, it is a mathematical description of their functional state: Pmax. (.. Mm Hg) – the maximum pressure at gidrotubatsii; Pmin. (Mm Hg.). – Set to end gidrotubatsii pressure drug mixture; t nach. (C) the beginning gidrotubatsii when the pressure reaches a maximum and begins to decrease; t word (s) – the time from the beginning gidrotubatsii when pressure drug mixture fall below the maximum (or dropped), and was set at a constant minimum.

On this basis, we find:

P-max P min. AP = (the difference of pressure or differential);
tucn -nach – At (time difference, or a difference, which is installed within the AP).

The ratio of the pressure difference to the time difference will bring patency rate of the fallopian tubes.

The following characteristics are obtained based on calculated data.

  1.  In patients with obstruction in the mother pipe cross section has an average coefficient of 0.057.
  2.  When obstruction of the fallopian tubes in isthmic department (processed 719 curves) the average value of this index is equal to 0.112.
  3.  For pipes impassable in ampulyatornom department (2527 processed curves), this value is equal to 0.203.
  4.  Spastic condition of the fallopian tubes (processed 36 curves) the average value of the coefficient of permeability is equal to 0.334. If tubal patency (processed 761 curve) this ratio for the first phase of the menstrual cycle is equal to 0.442, the second – 1,296.

In patients with reduced patency tubal patency rate equal to the coefficient obtained in women with tubal patency (processed 99 curves).

It should be noted that the individual coefficients of permeability are some deviations from the average values given above.

To prove the validity of the coefficients of the functional state of the fallopian tubes held variational-statistical processing of data on AI Oyvinu (1960). The difference between the coefficients found tubal patency in women surveyed a statistically highly significant. Therefore, the coefficients can be used in practice as a specific objective; quantitative indicators to evaluate the anatomical and functional condition of oviduct patency.

For the diagnosis of fallopian tubes are also used methylene blue. By Douglas puncture rear space introduced 100 ml of warm saline. Without removing the needle, injected into the cervical canal mother tip, as in gidrotubatsii and uterus begin to slowly fill 20 mL of 0.1% methylene blue solution. The emergence of the needle colored liquid shows tubal patency.

Sample Shpek held in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, between the 14th and 20th day. Uterine tipped uterus is slowly added 10 ml of 0.06% solution fenolsulfatftaleina, after 10 minutes, remove the tip and the patient is placed on a couch. 10 minutes after manipulation to enhance diuresis patient give to drink a cup of tea or coffee. An hour later, make a fence urine. Staining it red speaks of tubal patency. If urine straw color, then there was added a few drops of 10% sodium hydroxide solution, since the change in color under the influence of urine fenolsulfatftaleina occurs only at an alkaline environment.

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