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Feet and toes skin

Climbed skin on the feet and toes, what to do?

Female magazine “Beauty” Skin Care “climbed the skin on the feet and toes, what to do
Unfortunately, in most cases, the question arises why oblazit skin on his feet when he did not notice the problem is not possible. In the early stages of E do not pay any attention to it, and when I oblazit skin on the toes and on the feet, begin to sound the alarm.
The reasons for this phenomenon are themselves diverse. In some cases, enough to reconsider their shoes and walk-in closet and carefully take care of leg skin to get rid of this problem. In the other – it is imperative to seek professional help. And so, look at the reasons why oblazit skin on the toes and feet.

Why peels off the skin on the legs, the feet and between the toes?

Accumulation of a large number of dead skin cells on the toes and on the soles.
What to do: remove dead skin cells using a pumice stone. Note that the pumice must not be rough. It is better to buy a two-way pumice with different degrees of hardness, which is perfectly polish your feet. After application do not forget to use a pumice scrub for the feet, and then put on the foot nourishing cream. For a start, repeat the procedure in 2-3 days. The best option is a regular and complete foot care once a week.

Poor footwear. Foot Sweating promotes skin peeling, the skin becomes loose and the top layer accelerates renewal. As a result – oblazit skin between the toes, soles and feet.
What to do: to objectively reconsider your shoes and start a regular foot care. Pay attention to the shirts, because the contents of a large number of synthetic promotes sweating feet. Better to choose socks made of natural materials.

Excessive dryness of the skin, causing the upper layer of the epidermis covered with cracks. In this case, the aid will come nourishing and moisturizing creams for the feet. But we should not neglect the comprehensive care.

The reason why the skin on your feet and peeling peels can be a shortage of vitamins. If this phenomenon is seasonal, it is necessary to pay attention to proper diet and taking vitamins.

Fungal diseases – one of the most unpleasant and serious reasons. Excessive sweating of the feet and the skin lesions provide an ideal environment for the development of pathogenic micro-organisms.

What to do: Unfortunately, no specialized care can not do here. In this case, it is important not to delay treatment!

Long-term impact of both low and high temperatures, can bring to that peel off the skin on the legs, feet or toes. Depending on the degree of injury, the patient should be sure to seek medical help.

Great stress or prolonged state of depression may be the reason why oblazit skin, because the foot acupressure points are closely related to our nervous system.

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