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Fibroids, as the threat of loss of femininity

Fibroids, as the threat of loss of femininity

Not secret that a woman has to take a lot of men’s responsibilities: making money on life, parenting, protection of homes and themselves, responsibility for the family, children and parents. How can we develop the feminine, when there are so many problems and may be first deal with these problems, and then we’ll talk about femininity? Or not?

  • In our body every organ has a specific function, and this function is associated with a particular behavior, and with certain emotions. The uterus does in the body has two functions: first – to bear and give birth to a child, the second – to give the woman feminity.
  • The body of the uterus and ovaries produce all the necessary hormones that women have a female voice, a female figure, female character, thanks to these hormones we become attractive to men. When there is a hormonal failure in the body, it indicates that the uterus and the ovaries cease their primary function or reduce it. Why is this happening? Maybe it’s the environment? …

Rather, it is psychology – our body is designed so that if we give him a signal that our any body does not need, it is easy to get rid of it. Strange as it may sound, but our subconscious we fully obey. For example, you are tired from work and want to relax, just the way you wish, then a couple of days and you start to get sick at work give the hospital – a long-awaited vacation. Imagine that your body every day receives the order – “be a man”, “be strong”, “you can all by herself,” “all the responsibility on you, and no one better than you do not,” etc.

  • This is a direct desire to get rid of their femininity and to be more courageous and strong. The body is slowly but surely takes the order, hoping that you will come to its senses, and still want to become a woman again, which you were born. And he starts giving you signals: failure of the menstrual cycle, inflammation, erosion, an increase in the number of days monthly, or vice versa, decrease the occurrence of endometriosis and fibroids, you to pay attention to themselves, as a woman.
  • I want to stay a little bit in his statements and ask you – why do you want to take on the responsibilities of men and began to implement them so manly? And I can already hear your answer: “Is it possible to rely on men?” “All men are weak and without us they just disappear”, “Who will take care of me, no matter how I myself? He is the one who can not take care of themselves, will be able to take care of me? “” He’s not able to take any decision himself, “etc. etc.

How deeply these beliefs much resentment in them as hopeless feels like a woman with such a man. But it might still it’s not just men? And here the answer is “YES!”.

Women are so strong that attract men in my life that were perfect. And if men are not around, the inner desire to be a man and do not depend on him so strong, that every man is afraid of a woman, and just does not want to live with the “woman-man.” Every woman has the inner woman and inner man. Look at your inner woman, what is it now? What is wearing what her hair and hands, what she thinks and what he wants to say to you?

Help your inner woman to reveal her natural feminine essence. To do this, enter in your life more important for women’s rights:

1. Demonstration of force leave men – switch on the demonstration of their needs in a man’s strength, care and protection. Take your gentle emotion, fragility and weakness.
2. Tell the implementation of male work – NO! Regardless of whether there is next to a man or not, do not wear heavy bags and things do not move the furniture, do not cut firewood, etc. This behavior and attitude to men’s work is sure to attract into your life this man, or if you already have a number of a man, it will manifest his masculine qualities.
3. Avoid competition with men – if you defeat them, you will become for them an enemy for life!
4. If you want to do a man’s job to do it in a feminine – demonstrate their incompetence and ask the male council. In response, he may gladly do the job for you.
5. Be fun to perform female role – play the role of the Home fairy with pleasure, fill your home with aromas of freshly prepared food, different feminine trifles and comfort.

The training “Women’s Health Psychology – treat fibroids together” together we reveal aspects of feminine nature and femininity. After the training, participants always note the change of state, they become more relaxed, feminine and attractive. Relationships with men become softer and correct. And this transformation of the subconscious says, that you want to be feminine, and it is a woman. Then the disease recedes, the uterus comes to their health condition, myoma nodes decreased in size, and leave your body as unnecessary.

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