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Headaches during pregnancy

Why happens pregnancy headache?

Headaches during pregnancy happen often. Especially many pregnant women suffer from them in the first three months. The reasons for these headaches in early pregnancy can be very different – from hormonal changes and changes in blood flow to the lack of sleep, hunger, stress and excess caffeine.

When a headache during pregnancy: it passes quickly

Often headaches disappear on their own after the first trimester of pregnancy, when a woman’s body gets used to his new status. Headaches pregnancy usually not harmful to health. However, severe throbbing headaches in the last trimester of pregnancy, with nausea and visual impairments, high blood pressure may indicate the beginning of pre-eclampsia (pregnancy pathology).

When a headache during pregnancy: Is it possible to take medication?

Most drugs for migraine as active substances act aspirin or ibuprofen. However, women should be avoided during pregnancy because these substances can lead to a premature change in the circulation of the child (especially in the last trimester of pregnancy). When using ibuprofen has been shown in Canada in 2011, increases the risk of miscarriage. If the headache is still very strong, the possibility of taking pain medications should consult a physician. Only he will be able to accurately assess what pills and doses are safe for you and your baby.

When a headache during pregnancy: paracetamol helps?

Paracetamol was once criticized for the fact that it increases the risk of asthma and underdevelopment of the testicles in children. The research results have been controversial, so again today acetaminophen is often used as a remedy for headaches during pregnancy. But although paracetamol is considered quite safe, it should take only when absolutely necessary and only after consulting your doctor.

When a headache during pregnancy: safe means

Before turning to the pharmacy for medicine for a headache, try the following safe means:

  • The movement works wonders: long walks and fresh air is a simple but proven remedy for headaches during pregnancy.
  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation help to cope with headaches during pregnancy and prevent them.
  • Acupuncture can also be safely and effectively act for headache during pregnancy. However, be sure to tell the therapist that you are pregnant.
  • Compress on the forehead and neck to help relax and relieve headaches during pregnancy.
  • To prevent headaches in pregnant women need to drink enough and eat regularly.
  • Pamper yourself, relax, make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Quite often, these simple means are sufficient to reduce the likelihood of headaches to a minimum. Headache continues to bother? Talk to your doctor and if he will prescribe you painkillers, strictly follow his advice.

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