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Women’s heart deceases

Doctors around the world are very concerned about the health of modern women – over the last 50 years the incidence of heart disease is leading persistently high on the causes of death of young women enough.

Although heart disease – it is not infectious pathology, today they take the character of this “epidemic”. And all because our frantic pace of life can not withstand even the most robust and hardy heart. We, the ladies themselves debilitating lack of sleep, coffee and cigarettes, sedentary lifestyles and poor diet. As a result – it appears in a hospital bed with a heavy heart, or hypertension.

What you need to know about heart disease the modern woman on the changes in state of health to pay attention to what doctor to go and what to carry out the survey.

Consult your doctor:

  • If you decide to check your heart or if you have a complaint from the heart or the whole body, you need to visit a cardiologist or, in his absence, a general practitioner in a clinic or hospital.
  • The most frequent complaint in diseases of the cardiovascular system is kardialgiya so scientifically referred pain in the heart or the heart. If you are detail and accurately describe all your medical complaints and the nature of pain in the heart, in most cases, this alone will allow the correct diagnosis.
  • First of all, you and your doctor need to clarify a causal relationship with the pain attack:
    physical or psycho-emotional stress – whether the pain came after talks with the authorities, a workout in the gym or work in the garden,
    Scope of the load until the pain is not very much if you are saddled with the job, or whether you do not over-trained.

Also, check:

  • location (you can even show your hands)
  • tell us about the nature and duration of pain – such as sharp pain when breathing, dull, pressing, aching heart,
  • select Dr. irradiation (which give pain) – it could be a hand, shoulder, back or head.
  • It is also important to specify the accompanying sensations (weakness, sweating, nausea, etc.) That you have taken for the relief of attack, if there was any worsening of the severity of pain in patients receiving constant doses of “heart” of drugs.

Often, patients are concerned cores shortness of breath, feeling disruptions heart attacks of loss of consciousness. It is necessary to clarify their relationship with physical activity or sports, or mental and emotional stress, the character (paroxysmal or constancy of sensations), what time of day they occur more frequently that you do to feel better, what preparations are using for a long time or in the last couple of months.

There are particularly important not only to the usual drugs for type painkillers and hormonal contraceptives, slimming and so on. The doctor will find out whether there are attacks of a sharp deterioration in the state with the constant medication, which was preceded by worsening health.

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