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How to maintain potency?

How to maintain male potency? 

Encyclopedia defines this concept as an opportunity, the ability, sufficient forces for any action (from the Latin word potential – force).

  • This applies to men, potency can be defined as the ability to perform a sexual act, and therefore, the ability to reproduce.
  • As much as there is a human race on earth, men care about and care about the issue of their sexual potency. For some it is – a source of pride, for others – the subject of painful care, for the third – just despair.
  • But no living being masculine, which would be indifferent to his body reproduction. Apparently, it’s in the subconscious, because Mother Nature has endowed men is so important and indispensable tool for the kind of extension. Endowed with the hope that the owner of this instrument will take care of his safety and health.
  • But modern man gradually began to forget about the basic meaning of the concept of “potency”, approaching or even replacing it with the concepts of “sex”, “fun”, “satisfaction”, and it’s – related potency symbols designed to make the process of procreation attractive. But the basic nature of the inherent meaning of the male sexual strength lies precisely in the production of “their own kind”. And not just “like”, but the best – stronger, healthier, smarter.

Is it because many young people in the pursuit of pleasure to lose this very potency?

  • Thrive in our world, alcoholism and drug addiction destroys physical health and psyche of people, for many years, being the scourge of humanity. Is it because the nature, trying to protect people from degeneration robs alcoholics and drug addicts potency? It is a pity that not all!
  • You can sympathize with the men who have lost the capacity for normal sexual life as a result of the disease. Many illnesses, not to mention even of sexually transmitted diseases, lead to a reduction or complete cessation of sexual function. Among them are frequent angina (especially dangerous adolescent boys), and kidney infections, and influenza, and prostate cancer, and oncology.
  • But there is something to think about!

How to keep healthy generation on our planet?

  • And how cheerful fat males boasts its next victory in the love life! You should not believe them, they are probably wishful thinking. Overweight and, as a result, the load on the heart, shortness of breath, sweating, weakness contribute to a reduction in male potency.
  • The same applies to cigarettes addicted males in our society. It is known that smoking causes narrowing of the small blood vessels, including vessels that feed the men’s “point of interest”. So how it can work normally in such cramped conditions? An important factor – the sense of smell, which dulled male smokers, and they almost do not perceive the exciting women’s fragrances. Consequence – the weak, poor quality erections.

Tips how to maintain male potency

  • The man, though “crown of nature”, but subject to natural selection, and the case of every man as a potential producer and the defense of their offspring to think about how to survive in this painful, smoky, radioactive, civilized world. The findings here suggest themselves: the preservation of potency – is the preservation of health. There is no other recipe to restore lost male power, or to save it. And here – a vicious circle, because the men just as much concerned about their potency, and how careless with respect to their health.

But there is a solution!

We only need to link the two concepts into a single causal tandem, which serves the cause of health, as a consequence – sexual potency. Mankind would die out if its male half do not assimilate.

How to take care of health – is another matter, rather to say – no problem unknown, and must start from birth. Not to mention about the hygiene of the genital organs, because even the cats are well aware of its importance. But on the physical activity and hardening of the body to recall once again will not hurt! There is, incidentally, a lot of special exercises to strengthen the reproductive organs of the vascular system, and hence to enhance potency. Another Indian yogis knew about them, and successfully used in the practice.

Perfect tempering agent – a contrast shower, as well as any other water treatment. Moderate and high quality food – is also a factor in the maintenance of men’s health. Of course, clean and fresh air – a prerequisite for the normal functioning of any organism.

It’s so simple, but it is difficult to follow it!

The whole lifestyle men should be directed to the desire to leave behind a healthy offspring. No frills can not be a real man to temptation, if he thinks about the future of the planet!

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