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How to quit smoking cigarettes?

Probably, there are no smoker, who at least once in his life did not try to quit this addiction. However, despite all the efforts and the desire to stop smoking, quit smoking immediately under the force is not everything. It does not help any pills from smoking, no patches, no frightening labels on packs. Even the rise in price of cigarettes does not stop smokers. And smokers often come up with an excuse, justifying the craving for smoking method does not get better or relieve stress. However, we all know that “friendship” with cigarettes  will not bring anything good to your health.

  • Dependence on nicotine, destroys health eventually adversely affect all aspects of life. So if you realize that your body breaks down nicotine – that’s good. However, you will be one step further – to want to quit smoking. After all, if people do not want something to do – to force it is very difficult. Therefore, the desire to start living without cigarettes, should be very strong. Sometimes to win relationship, form years or even decades, it takes more than one month of patience. However, if you do not give up halfway, the winning time will surely come.
  • Moreover, it is not necessary to seek assistance from experts in narcology or the psychotherapist. Many people quite successfully quit smoking on their own, at home. As the mental attitude of quitting can help certain literary and journalistic materials, such as the book Allen Carr’s “Easy Way quit smoking.” And here at home, you can distract yourself from smoking, using proven folk remedies for centuries, the recipes of which we are pleased to present on. Folk Remedies: Four clean lemon and rub with honey in equal proportions. Every day, morning and evening, take one tablespoon of the means to reduce the craving for nicotine; How to quit smoking?- take it as a rule twice a day to do the following breathing exercises: inhale air and exhale nose mouth with some effort. Repeat the exercise 30 times, then rest a minute and do another three approaches; to minimize smoking, you need to take a soothing bath every day. For the bath uses herbs of thyme, lavender, essential oils and other; mouthwash tincture coil rhizomes helps stop the cravings to smoke.
  • To prepare the tincture of 10 g grass pour a glass of boiling water and allow to stand for an hour; Cancer shell, dried in the shade and powdered recommended to mix with tobacco, as a radical tool to help you quit smoking. Smoke only this mixture, without buying a new pack of cigarettes; to overcome the craving for smoking helps to drink, brewed in a glass of boiling water with the addition of a teaspoon of sage and thyme, which dissolved nitroglycerin tablet. After drinking a glass of this drink, the desire to smoke disappears; Many smokers to overcome cravings to smoke inhalation helps orange oil vapors; daily consumption of grapefruit juice will be cleansed of nicotine plaque and overcome the craving to smoke in the morning.
  • In conclusion, I would like to note that the process of smoking – a system of stereotypes that are hard to refuse. The movement that mimics smoking already allows to deceive our minds. That is why the Electronic Cigarette acts very positively, allowing to quit smoking, even the most inveterate smokers. Many people have replaced cigarettes candy, sunflower seeds and other products, “taking up the mouth” if you want to smoke. In the fight against smoking, all methods are good. But the victory over tobacco depends entirely on your desire and mood. Therefore, we recommend that you now perceive cigarettes as the worst enemy and declare war on them. Good luck and victory over nicotine in the coming time!

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