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Kidneys and metabolism

The system removal from the human end-products of metabolism kidneys are central, since it is in them the process of urine formation. All of the importance of their functions visible on the example of the withdrawal of substances of protein metabolism – urea and ammonia, which are poison for the body. Furthermore, this body is performing some vital defining functions including involvement in the regulation of blood pressure. Kidneys – paired organ, they are located at around XII ribs on both sides of the spine.
On their inner side are renal pelvis to collect the urine, which then moves along the ureter towards the bladder. The urine of a healthy person absent erythrocytes, leucocytes (permissible unit cell), as well as sugar and protein.

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Infection (usually streptococci), penetrating into the body, causing its response, manifested in the form of kidney disease. Inflammation of the kidney called acute nephritis, usually begins abruptly, but the disease can occur and hidden. Identify it can be carried out at the accident analyzes, while present in the urine protein, red blood cells and other uncharacteristic elements of its composition. Kidneys affected jade, usually cause:

  • the severity and moderate low back pain;
  • headache and shortness of breath;
  • pale and puffy face;
  • swelling, often high blood pressure;
  • general weakness;
  • reduction in the daily amount of urine.

Not until the end of dolechenny acute nephritis, especially if it proceeded hidden switches, usually chronic. Prolonged duration of relapses occurring after colds and infectious diseases caused by progressive deterioration of the general condition of the patient. In the final stage of the disease working kidney tissue dies, this leads to severe disturbances of the excretory function of the organ until uremia (renal insufficiency). The inability of the kidneys to eliminate nitrogenous wastes from the body causes the patient life-threatening condition.

Pyelonephritis kidneys. CHRONIC PYELONEPHRITIS:

Pyelonephritis in case of a combination of acute inflammation of the renal pelvis and its working fabric comes terrible disease – pyelonephritis. Pathogenic microorganisms, causing it enters the body by rising: in inflammation of the bladder and sexual organs, from the gut, colitis affected, along with the blood and lymph. Inflammation of the kidney accompanied by:

  • high temperature up to (40 °) and a chill;
  • severe headache and general weakness;
  • intense back pain, often expressed on the one hand;
  • the change indicators in the urine.

Self-medication in case of illness, flowing with blurred symptoms, and the presence of favorable factors in the body (hindered urine flow and pockets of infection) cause chronic pyelonephritis.

He has the periodic exacerbation and remission, but after many years with a decrease in immunity disease can lead to kidney failure. Pyelonephritis It affects mostly children and women, particularly vulnerable during pregnancy.

Statistics confirm that the abuse of certain drugs and medication ailments caused by the failure of metabolism can trigger kidney disease. Kidney, pyelonephritis who made their target periodically require fasting days – watermelon, Compote, etc.

Sand and stones in the kidneys. UROLITHIASIS DISEASE

  • Sand and stones in the kidney who have had inflammation, may be susceptible to kidney stones, especially if you do not carry out reorganization of infectious foci in the body. Kidney stone formation and for other reasons. These include diseases associated with metabolic disorders, the use of saline water, monotonous diet and inadequate fluid intake. The movement of stones from the renal pelvis, ureter obstruction accompanied, can cause renal colic.
    Hepatic colic causes acute, sometimes unbearable, pain attack in the lower back left or right of the spine.

The pain may last a minute, and watch it “descends” down the ureter towards the bladder and groin, spreading along the inside of the thigh, and sometimes around the abdomen. During the attack the patient is trying to find a comfortable position for the relief of pain, nausea and vomiting. As urolithiasis, and large stones in the kidney may not manifest itself for a long time, it is also possible and the lack of the typical acute attacks of colic. However, to avoid serious complications, should not ignore the indications for surgical treatment.

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