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Liver diseases

The paramount importance of the liver to complete the work of the whole organism is undeniable. Sometimes it is manifest the disease rapidly, but most severe liver disease begins gradually, appearing only in the already severe stages (eg, cirrhosis).

  • Therefore, at the slightest sign of liver problems should immediately take your survey, to understand what’s going on with that body, and the time to begin competent treatment.
  • Contents Changes in skin disorders of the digestive system Hormonal shifts 3 4 5 Disorders of the nervous system problems with blood clotting ability 6 Signs of intoxication changes the function and structure of the liver affect a variety of organs and systems.
  • Often, not only ignorant townsfolk, but even the doctors do not associate the problem with the skin or a chair with liver diseases. Only survey accidentally reveal the true “culprit” malaise. What were the manifestations of the liver may “signal” about his troubles? Skin changes Good doctors are always carefully considered naked skin of the patient.

Some of its changes allow sufficient suspected liver disease to the naked eye. Others require a certain baggage of professional knowledge or experience.

  • About liver disease may indicate jaundice appearing in the defeat of the liver tissue and intrahepatic duct (it is better seen in the natural, not artificial light, and the yellow is not only the skin, but the eye sclera, and mucous membranes); local brown coloration in the armpits and / or groin (occurs due to the accumulation of melanin in hemochromatosis and biliary cirrhosis); general itching and scratching (often accompany primary biliary cirrhosis and other diseases that occur with intrahepatic bile stasis); Different rash (signs of infectious hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease); vascular “stars” (a classic sign of cirrhosis); redness of palms in the areas adjacent to the big toe; dry skin, cracks in the corners of his mouth, “painted” a crimson tongue (signs of a lack of vitamins, because developing hepatic lesions); spontaneously appearing bruised and bruising (indirect sign of decreased production of clotting factors by the liver); white patches on the nails (emerge in chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver); striae (stretch marks) on the skin of the abdomen, left after ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen). In addition, liver diseases, already burdened with portal hypertension (increased pressure in the portal vein), when viewed from the skin often catch the eye bulging subcutaneous veins extending from the navel.

Liver Disorders of the digestive system naturally refers to the digestive system, that it formed bile. It is not surprising that the liver ailments observed failures on the part of the gastrointestinal tract. Patients concerned: discomfort, heaviness, a sense of “overflow” pain in the right upper quadrant (symptoms often caused by concomitant changes in motility of the biliary tract, liver hurts very rare); nausea; diarrhea or constipation; discoloration of the stool, accompanied by dark urine and jaundice; sweet or “fish” breath (terrible evidence of increasing liver failure).

  • Some patients complain of an increase in abdominal circumference, it is not due to excessive flatulence, and arises from the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity with cirrhosis of the liver or vascular disease (ascites). Other patients first notice that they became small trousers waist or have to move the belt buckle. Ascites is often accompanied by swelling of the legs. Hormonal changes Changes in hormone synthesis are more noticeable in male patients (especially when alcohol disease).
  • Feminization inherent in alcoholic patients (80%) and viral (15%) of cirrhosis. It is believed that alcohol can lead to the fact that testosterone and other androgens (male hormones) are transformed into estrogens (female hormones), which explains the changes occurring: gynecomastia (breast enlargement); changing the type of body hair; testicular atrophy; impotence; the disappearance of libido.
  • Some liver diseases (primary biliary cirrhosis, and others.) Lead to an increase in parathyroid hormone and its derivatives affecting the bone structure. In these patients, there are: bone pain; spontaneous fractures; bone deformation (usually flat bones). In addition, chronic liver pathology (e.g., hepatic steatosis) can cause diabetes.

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