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Male infertility

Male infertility

If the couple regularly lives sexual life without the use of contraceptives, and pregnancy does not occur more than a year, the doctors diagnosed infertile marriages.

Causes of infertility

Most often, it is women who believe the cause of infertile marriages. However, according to statistics, 45% of infertile couples can not conceive a child is due to male infertility, and only 15% of married women can not get pregnant because of immunological incompatibility with their sexual partner.

   If pregnancy does not occur for a long time, a woman seeks the help of a gynecologist, and a man – to the andrologist or urologist. It is best if the couple will be examined in the same medical institution, because the specialists will have the opportunity to discuss the information and the treatment of each other.

Male infertility may result from pathological changes in the body of the man that directly affect the ability to conceive. In order to identify the causes of such a man must pass a comprehensive examination, the result of which will be assigned to appropriate treatment of infertility.

How is the specialist advice?

  •    In the primary treatment at the clinic, urologist queries the married couple and the history of the disease.
  •    During the general examination can detect symptoms of diseases which prevent conception.
  •    In other survey methods (eg, US) can detect pathological changes in the body of man, which are an obstacle to the passage of sperm on seed channel.

To survey was more informative, the man offered to hand over the analysis on hormones and semen analysis. Often male infertility develops after certain infectious diseases (mumps), hydrocele and sexually transmitted diseases.

The cause of infertility in men may be excessive use of alcohol, nicotine or drugs. That is why, often restore male fertility is possible by leading healthy lifestyles.

Male infertility depends on the nature and occurrence of the case:

  • obstructive;
  • secretory;
  • immunological.

   The cause of infertility becomes small secretory production of sperm by the testes or their poor quality, which leads to the inability to fertilize the egg.

  •    Predisposing factors of this form of infertility, hormone may be failures in the body, genetically pathologies, chronic infection in the body and transferred inflammation of reproductive system. Status at the secretory male infertility is compounded by malnutrition, protein deficiency, vitamin deficiency in the body, the trauma of sexual organs or keeping them at a high temperature.
  •    Secretory male infertility caused by a narrowing of the vas deferens, which does not allow sperm to fully erupt. This form of infertility arises after trauma genitals, prostatitis morbidity, infectious diseases.
  •    If a man sees at utrudnennoe ejaculation, you should like to see a doctor as soon as possible. After passing the necessary tests, it will be possible to make a complete picture of violations. It requires the intervention of the surgeon in order to prevent the state transition in the chronic form of the flow.
  •    Obstructive male infertility is characterized by a mechanical obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts and the urethra. There is this pathology as a result of adhesions, tumors or congenital diseases.
  •    Immunological infertility type occurs when the body’s production of antibodies to their own sperm to men. This form occurs after trauma, in violation of the partition, which protects sperm from other cells and antibodies, for example, immune or infectious.
  •    After examination of the patient, it is assigned a treatment. First of all, restore blood circulation in the testicles, and then prescribe hormone therapy and procedures to help restore reproductive function.


Secretory form of treatable during therapy aimed at restoring sperm production gonads, and normalization of blood supply to the testicles. This can be achieved by using hormone therapy, diet, and other procedures.

With sufficient professional qualifications and appointment of the right treatment, you can completely restore male reproductive function. The main thing, the sooner you see a doctor, the better will be the result of treatment.

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