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Men’s Health after 30 years old

For any person thirty years abroad means a lot. At this time, summed up the results of the first kind of life. And this applies to all areas: work, personal life and, of course, health. The latter is on and will be discussed, because good health is essential for every human being. And this one begins to make sure, after thirty years, when they begin to appear “first bells’ future ailments.

A man after 30

  • For example, how to behave in terms of the health of a man after 30 years? As and then the turn to remain vigorous, healthy and active? Help in this are some tips that should learn for themselves every man after thirty.

Attention to the general state of health

  • It is proved that the aging process at any person begin to run after the 25-year-olds. All important processes in the body start to slow down. It becomes slower cellular metabolism, energy metabolism, digestion suffers (it is no longer the same as in early adolescence). And even in today’s man thirty years is very young and active, but you can not forget about the inevitability of decay.

There is such a thing as menopause. But somehow it is more applicable to the female sex among the masses.

  • Any woman aged say that after menopause, it has got a whole bunch of various illnesses. Hormonal background is not the same, it is an obvious fact. And though men menopause itself does not (because there is no strong sex and menstruation), but similar to the period they occur, too. Of course, he did not come in thirty years, and much later, but it is worth thinking about in advance, to make their lives as comfortable as possible in the future.

So, after thirty years each man should pay attention to their overall health. He should be interested in a few basic parameters.

In terms of the cardiovascular system it is important to control blood pressure, pulse, and once a year do electrocardiogram. Especially we need to be attentive to the pressure, because at this age, many men start to experience problems with it, but they do not know it. In most cases this increased pressure.

And in fact it is at the heart of this terrible disease as a hemorrhagic cerebral stroke. It is proved that this disease is much “rejuvenated” in recent years, that is from him not suffer the elderly, and it is young people (mostly men) in the prime of life.
PechenPosle thirty can express yourself and such an important body as the liver. If a man leads a healthy lifestyle, then these problems it should not be expected. But if he likes to drink, delicious and satisfying meal, smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, it is not surprising that very soon he will have to treat their liver.

And since we are talking about smoking, it is worth saying a few words and that begins to feel a man-smoker after thirty years. Since the body is no longer young, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recover each year, the thirty-smoking men may notice a sharp deterioration in his health against tobacco use.

Often, there is shortness of breath, hurts the overall poor health, there are problems with the lungs and bronchi. Therefore, once a year you need to perform a study fluorography. Able to aggravate the situation and the presence of excess weight. On this – on.

Digestion and weight indicators

As already mentioned, after thirty years (or even before) significantly slow down digestion well-read. Metabolism is not the same, and habits remain the same. As a result, a man in this age begins to rapidly gain weight.

  • But excess weight – is a threat to the emergence of many diseases in the future. Obesity affects literally everything. He suffers from cardiac activity, safety joints, spine, potency and more. It is therefore important, after thirty years to monitor their weight.
    A man with more than vesomKak check whether normal weight men? Firstly, it is necessary to take from his height in inches or 100. In this figure this should be about his ideal weight. The difference in the two or three kilograms negligible. Secondly, it should measure the circumference of the abdomen. If it is more than 95 centimeters, it is time to sound the alarm. This is the future core, impotent and not only. These tests relate to men of any height and with any constitution.
  • Assist in maintaining a healthy weight are some important rules. They should pay attention. First of all it is necessary to adhere to a healthy diet. Get plenty of fruits and vegetables, less red meat and alcohol. The diet should also be present cereals, herbs, milk and milk products, seafood and lean poultry (turkey, quail, chicken).
  • From fast food should be abandoned. Just as from smoked, fried, flour, dried. In this list there are also pastries, sodas and some other purged.
    Maintain a normal body weight and exercise will help. Pleased with the fact that they can be used to support overall health and wellness level.

Sexual health in middle age

  • Someone does not know fifty years of problems with potency, and someone catches this phenomenon already in middle age. Why is this happening? What matters in this case?
    Problems with potentsieyNaibolee important are the three factors: heredity, general health and lifestyle. If heredity all and without further ado understand something about the other two points still need to talk.
  • For example, significantly undermine men’s health can be a variety of sexually transmitted diseases and infections of the urinary system and sex.
    May develop even impotence, both temporary and permanent. It will help to avoid this regular analysis, systematic visits to the doctor and, of course, careful choice of sexual partner. You can not lead a promiscuous sex life.
  • Prevent impotence help correct way of life. We need to abandon the junk food, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Sport can also maintain potency.
    Great value for potency has a psychological condition of men. Less stress, more positive emotions and easy attitude to life – and all of this will certainly be the best way will affect the potency, and overall health.

A few words must be said about the regularity of sexual intercourse. Men’s Health with a sexual point of view, is arranged so that if a man does not use it, it certainly begins to fade.

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