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Nutrition – a major component of healthy skin

“Nutrition – a major component of healthy skin – doctor says – a man who eats well, is easy to notice as his skin.”

Doctor Kubano recommends not to give up fat at all – they are very important to maintain skin elasticity.

Three times a week eat fish dishes and add to food unrefined vegetable oils. These foods are rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3, makes the skin healthy and radiant.

  • Regularly eat animal foods rich in proteins: they supply the body proteins collagen and elastin, making the skin supple. Furthermore, liver, eggs and dairy products, vitamin A stimulating skin cell renewal.
  • But the consumption of simple carbohydrates – sugar, chocolate, white bread – must be controlled. Their excess negatively affects the condition of the skin, for example, cause the appearance of acne.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits: they are rich in fiber, vitamins A, E, C and bioflavonoids, slowing down the aging of the skin.
  • Include foods rich in sulfur, zinc and iron (tomatoes, green vegetables, wheat bran, liver, and a variety of berries) – these substances are necessary for the restoration of the skin.

Drink enough water

With age, the skin gradually loses moisture and becomes flabby. To skin always looks fresh and elastic, doctors recommend to drink about one and a half liters of water per day.
Kubanova explains that water activates metabolic processes in the body and eliminates the toxins that make your skin dull and lifeless. In addition, the water reduces hunger, and save us from overeating, which also has a positive effect on the skin.

Sweet drinks, tea, coffee or juice in the one and a half liters are not included – they do not quench thirst and are added to the diet of the extra calories. Therefore it is necessary to drink only pure water.

Avoid alcohol

The systematic use of alcohol violates liver function. This changes the complexion, makes skin dull, and edematous. A long-term abuse of alcohol contributes to vascular changes in the appearance and expansion of capillaries in the form of “stars” or “Veins” on the cheeks and nose.

Avoid tobacco

Smoking ages the skin very quickly and intensively. And the rate of aging is directly related to the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

The skin of smokers is dry, sagging due to the fact that nicotine constricts blood vessels and impairs the skin nutrition. Furthermore, it destroys collagen – a protein that gives skin its strength.

“Women who smoke specific skin: yellowish, pale, prone to early wrinkles,” – says Kubanova.


Correctly sunbathe

The main damage to the skin is applied to ultra-violet rays. Rays-type damage skin cells and can trigger the development of cancer. The rays of type B provoke the appearance of thermal burns of the skin and premature aging.

These rays are equally hazardous, regardless of their origin – natural or lamps in the solarium.
Use a sunscreen with an appropriate protection factor and be sure to update it every two hours. There is no sunscreen that can protect the skin thoroughly – use extra hat, parasol and natural shade. Try not to go out in the sun from 12 and up to 16 hours.


SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

The SPF, or the ratio of protection from the sun’s rays, indicates how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned. If you do that burns for 20 minutes, then the cream with an SPF of 15 will allow to carry out on the beach for about five hours.


Get enough sleep

  • Lack of sleep affects primarily the skin, leaving it dull and beautifying face bruised and bags under the eyes. To maintain healthy skin, try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day on a comfortable cushion.

Try to choose a pillow that will not allow pinch the vessels passing in the neck – it violates the outflow of fluid and causes swelling of the face.
To sleep better, try to be physically active every day. “When a person is engaged in sport, he has a physiological fatigue, which is a guarantee of good sleep,” – says Kubanova. He says he slept well the person always looks good in the morning.
Avoid tobacco and alcohol – they also cause excitement and interfere with normal sleep.

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