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Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee: 7 signs of the disease and ways to treat.

This is a problem faced by half of humanity: after 65 years, more than half of men and more than 68% of women suffer from osteoarthritis, about 50% of women older than 45 years are at risk, especially those who suffer from excess weight. The first symptoms of the disease depend on the individual characteristics of a person and can be manifested in different ways.

But there are signs that need to pay special attention to in time to see a doctor and to prevent progression of the disease:

  1. walking knee pain
  2. problem with squatting
  3. pain in the kneecap in the morning or after prolonged sitting
  4. clicking sounds while driving
  5. pain when walking up the stairs, especially when descending
  6. joint swelling
  7. reaction to weather changes, especially in the cold

In the early stages of osteoarthritis surgery is usually not required, and is assigned to drug treatment – intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. However, tablets adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract. That is why the received alternative therapies widely used, such as:

  • acupuncture
  • massage and compresses
  • ultrasound
  • laser physiotherapy

At the same time with the advent of effective domestic physiotherapy devices, it is possible to carry out the procedure on their own, without spending time on the trip to the clinic. For example, the unit of magnetic-laser therapy “Handy Cure” is considered one of the most effective means against pain in the knees. Combining laser with a static magnetic field not only removes the pain, but also acts on the source of the pain: it improves blood and lymph circulation, renews cells, reduces inflammation.

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