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Pain in the scrotum

What can mean pain in the scrotum?

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pain in the scrotum pain in the scrotum shows a wide range of possible diseases to be sure to diagnose and treat. The term “scrotum” is derived from the word “purse”, which translates as a handbag. It is a skin and a muscular body. The structure of the scrotum include within it is divided into two sections, each of which is designed to accommodate one testicle with spermatic cord and epididymis.

It is important that the inside of the scrotum support optimum temperature for sperm production. This figure is 34.5 degrees. As doctors say, a pain in the scrotum – it is the most severe pain, which did not match anything.

Pain in the scrotum: Causes

Pain in the scrotum may be caused by the following reasons:

  • injury;
  • sexual arousal;
  • varicocele;
  • hydrocele;
  • inguinal hernia;
  • testicular torsion.

Consider each of the reasons more detail.

Traumatic effects on male sexual organ can cause very severe pain in the scrotum. A strong impact can become even cause loss of consciousness. Despite the fact that even if the integrity is not compromised testicular pain syndrome can result in vomiting spasms. In the case where the injury was the cause of a sharp object, you must promptly contact the meducherezhdenie for help, because there is a high probability of organ loss.

Some representatives of the male erection, and no intercourse can also can be the cause of pain in the scrotum. During sexual arousal there is a rush of blood to the penis, which in the absence of sexual intercourse, or rather sperm eruption may lead to a sharp pain lasting.

Varicocele – varicose veins in the penis. In classical cases, the disease is completely painless, but there may be other situations. But a large accumulation of fluid can cause pain in the scrotum.

  • In addition, tumor or infection can also trigger pain in the scrotum.

Such scrotal pain unpleasant disease as an inguinal hernia is a consequence of the formation in the walls of the abdominal cavity opening through which the abdominal organs fall into the scrotum. Pain in the scrotum may be one of the syndromes of inguinal hernia along with a protrusion in the groin.

A sharp pain in the scrotum may also occur due to torsion of the testes. In children and adolescents, this reason is more common others. This problem can be solved only by surgery. Moreover, it should be noted that the operation is mandatory, as the untimely rendered assistance can lead to necrosis.

Pain in the scrotum: what to do?

Of course, the most loyal and competent way – to see a doctor. At the same time, distinguish between pre-medical and medical assistance.

Premedical: cold compresses and elevated position of the scrotum using pads, planted under the sacrum.

  • Medical: scrotal palpation, ultrasound examination is carried out if necessary.

Pain in the scrotum: prevention

In order to reduce the risk of pain in the scrotum, and the consequences to which they may lead, it is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

  • Normalization of sexual activity, namely the exclusion of sharp interrupt sexual intercourse, the establishment of the normal rhythm.
  • The rational and optimal diet.
  • Rejection of bad habits.
  • Exclusion of mechanical impact on the sexual organ.
  • Sports and healthy lifestyle.

As doctors say, can not tolerate the pain in the scrotum and should immediately seek help from a hospital.

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