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Plastic surgery

The possibilities of plastic surgery today is almost endless, and the risks are minimal. Are you ready to be transformed?

Plastic surgery – is the most in demand today and are constantly developing field of surgery. Depending on the purpose and type of surgery for plastic surgery are divided into 2 types: reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery makes it possible and affordable not only the extension of youth, improve the appearance, but also allows people to get rid of the drawbacks, defects, damage to the face and body – both congenital and received over a lifetime.

A little history

Plastic body, or rather, its surface using a variety of surgical procedures was available long before the people of our time: there are descriptions of the operations that have been done before our era in Egypt and India.

Plastic Surgery (from the Latin «plasticus» – sculpting, shaping) continued its development and in the Renaissance, and then get active push in the early twentieth century in Europe, when thousands of people after World War I in need of correcting the received injuries and the recovery of functions of one or a body part.

History of plastic surgery in USA does not even have a half-century. Only in the 1980s, this area was developed by Russian doctors and scientists to the right degree. Officially, the status of an independent branch of medicine, plastic surgery gained in 2009 alone.

To date, a variety of centers and clinics in cosmetology and plastic surgery punctually opened in Moscow and in many Russian cities. Its popularity is growing every year, and applied techniques and equipment improved by leaps and bounds.

Plastic surgery of the face

Adjust features and improve its appearance, and hence improve the sense of self is possible with the help of plastic surgery face.

Operations in different parts of the face and head have their own specifics and get their name depending on the site where the plastic is carried out. Among them stands out:

  • plastic forehead and eyebrows;
  • plastic upper and lower eyelids – blepharoplasty;
  • Rhinoplasty (correction of the form and size of the nose);
  • plastic lip;
  • plastic cheekbones and cheeks;
  • plastic chin – mentoplasty;
  • and otoplasty (correction of the ears).

The main desire of any patient – no scars after plastic, the minimum number of complications and adverse effects. Modern medicine has all possible tools, machinery, materials, to carry out operations optimally quick, painless and efficient.

Plastic surgery of the body

Our body – a perfect tool that allows us to live, to feel the surrounding world and move into it. But, unfortunately, it is subject and disease, and age-related changes, and injury which can affect the quality and aesthetic characteristics.

Practically there is no place on the body, which is not able to convert and bring to perfection plastic surgery. For patients in the 21st century is available:

  • plastic neck and under the chin;
  • Breast plastic (mammoplasty);
  • tummy tuck (abdominoplasty);
  • Hand plastic;
  • plastic buttocks and thighs;
  • Plastic and other intimate areas.

Among all the operations in plastic surgery of the body are the most popular surgical interventions aimed at weight control and shape the figure, most often it is Liposuction – removal of fat from problem areas belly, thighs, buttocks and other areas.
If you need a plastic face or body, you want to look more youthful and fit, then appeal to the center of plastic surgery and cosmetology is the right solution. But to choose the right institution is not so simple: it is necessary to explore the sites of plastic surgery, learn about doctors, pricing, terms and conditions of operations.

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