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Prevention of wrinkles

Someone aging of the skin occurs after 20 years old, for some people after 30 years. Many scientists long ago proved that the human body life is more than 100 years.

But our way of life, bad ecology, stress driven life in a very narrow framework, with the quality of life often leaves much to be desired. To keep your skin young and healthy you need to apply a set of measures to care for her. I will share some secrets and experiences on this issue and try to explain to people how to look 40 years manage to 25. Surprisingly, right ?! Nothing really surprising, you just need to have some knowledge and to comply with the natural laws of nature.

Wrinkles on the face caused by many factors. Among them – the natural age-related skin aging, lack of nutrients, excessive influence of ultraviolet rays, and a host of other reasons. As a rule, the process of wrinkles is associated with a complex of these factors. Among the reasons is also the fact that the body is allocated enough collagen and elastin – proteins for building of our skin, these enzymes give the skin a velvety texture and elasticity. One of the main factors of wrinkles is insufficient intake of water, it was she who nourishes and gives youthful skin. Underestimate the essential factor is not necessary, our body consists mainly of water.

Types of wrinkles:

  1. Wrinkles are due to the contraction of the muscles in the human face. If a person is often builds grimaces, laughs, surprised, this is accompanied by hard work mimic muscles, it is more susceptible to the formation of wrinkles on the face;
  2. Wrinkles around the eyes, and “crow’s feet” may occur as a result of frequent squinting, and as a result the impact of mimic muscles;
  3. Frontal wrinkles arise from the fact that people often knits his brow, very often, these wrinkles appear at a strong half of mankind.
  4. Wrinkles on the nose, lips and neck this age wrinkles.

Prevention of wrinkles:

You do not need to wait for the appearance of wrinkles and then frantically try to fight with them. Unwanted process prevention is better than trying to change the consequences. The set of measures for the care of skin should be done regularly after 20 years. And a significant role in these processes plays an anti-aging cosmetics. With proper care and compliance with certain laws you will soon discover is not on its face first wrinkles.

1. Proper nutrition – the battle against aging.

Human nutrition plays a crucial role in the state of the whole organism. I will not be long to explain that our bodies are arranged regularly – if it hurts one organ, it affects the entire body as a whole. So take it a norm to eat properly. Eliminate from your diet fastfudovskuyu write, do not use food “on his knees”. Nutrition should be a kind of ritual and bring joy. When you eat the writing focus only on her, not engaged in foreign affairs.
Now I will say a little about the diet. Water plays a key role in our body. To keep your skin soft and moisturized was necessarily try to drink 200 ml glass of cool fresh water in the morning. This is a great way to combat wrinkles. Water should not be from the tap, and should not be boiled. Ideal if the water is from a trusted pure spring. Remember in boiled water is not anything useful, it is dead water, as it has undergone heat treatment. If the opportunity to drink water from a spring not, Pick-quality, but not carbonated mineral water in the store, it is better that it has been checked water expertise, as most of these products do not contain any useful properties. Water must necessarily stand for several hours, run it through the filter, and only then, can safely drink. The human body in a day should be consumed about 2-3 liters of water, it all depends on body weight.

Water has an unusual property of accumulating information. When exposed to water the information water acquires a certain molecular structure. If the water to report positive information, its molecules acquire a correct beautiful molecular structure, and if negative, the structure is chaotic. Take it carefully and follow the advice. Not for nothing the water I paid so much attention.

Include in your diet more fruits and live thermally unprocessed food, breakfast must necessarily be light in the morning the body is not yet fully awake, so to burden the body digesting food not worth it. Let your breakfast will consist of fruit or vegetables, do not get both together. At lunch you can eat a heavy meal, but without fanaticism. For dinner, perfect light salad or cereal. Eat sure to 3 hours before bedtime.

2. Lifestyle plays a key role in the aging process.

I’ll start with the most important, namely, bad habits. Smoking has a devastating effect on the skin. And even smoking destroys the structure of DNA, reduces the blood vessels, causing blockage and death. It has long been known, but in the press that little attention is paid to me for obvious reasons. Eliminate from your diet alcoholic beverages. Remember! Cumulative doses of alcohol does not exist. The composition of any alcohol include ethyl alcohol, with alcohol, alcohol degreasing the surface of red blood cells and they begin to stick together. When a clot of red blood cells suitable for the capillary, the access of oxygen and nutrients in the capillary is blocked and it can wither away. So many redness and bloody formation on the skin can be caused by these processes. Keep a regular life – loads should be alternated with rest. If you often get tired, then your skin is too tired. Be sure you know what your skin needs rest and relaxation. Exercise, go to the gym, start a morning jog. Try to closely monitor your emotional state. Do not be nervous, do not be angry. The less stress you are exposed to, the greater your chance of maintaining a healthy appearance of the face and skin condition.

3. The use of professional cosmetics and home facials.

In my experience I can say that a good effect can be achieved only by the alternation of high-quality cosmetics with popular ways of home skin care. When you use masks anti-wrinkle serum anti-aging agents for smoothing the skin around the eyes, anti-aging drugs and lotions to cleanse the skin, be careful and attentive, the skin of all the individual, so if you notice irritation or other adverse reaction is better to abandon this method skin care. Priority is to slow down the aging process plays the use of masks.

Immediately, I note that I prefer to use a “living mask” face. On the Internet you will find a huge number of tips on the use of “dead masks” for the face. In my life, trying both, I stopped my attention on live facials. Live mask – it’s such a mask, which consists of only the ingredients, preferably vegetable or other origin, which are not subjected to heat treatment. When the temperature influence on the products of more than 40 degrees most of the nutrients are destroyed, and therefore the use of such masks, infusions and decoctions become meaningless and futile exercise. Therefore, the first conclusion – face mask should include not only living ruined thermal treatment of minerals. The composition of such masks quite diverse, the question of human imagination and experience of their application.

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