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Removal of lipomas

Lipomas usually do not cause pain, do not harm health. However, doctors believe that they should be treated by surgical removal. Wen is able to deliver a lot of trouble, if it is aesthetic or cosmetic defect, prevents play sports or just live a normal life. The long-term form of the disease can cause stagnation of blood flow, or necrosis, so it is better to remove the tumor.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, claiming that herbal medicine can cure wen. The use of traditional methods can not be equivalent to the full medical intervention. And if fatty tumors are not very dangerous disease, ignoring the medical practices (reception instead of herbs and tinctures of unknown quality) with serious diseases can endanger your life. Remember, in practice, the only effective and efficient method of aid in the removal of a lipoma.

In no event should not resort to self-medication and try to get rid of the growths on their own! Attempts to “Underground” (in the home) surgical removal of a lipoma – a direct path to sepsis.

What ways exist to remove a lipoma?

Removal of lipomas with a laser.

The most advanced and modern method. The indisputable advantage is the lack of deep surgery, local anesthesia, a small risk of injury and a short rehabilitation period. Usually, the patient is sent home immediately after the procedure. Operation with the laser ensures that no relapses. After it, by the way, does not remain scars.

Surgical intervention.

The oldest, conservative way. Small talc removed outpatient and under local anesthesia. Removal of larger tumors should be performed in hospital and under general anesthesia. Lipoma is subjected to local anesthesia, after which there is a surgical incision, followed by scrubbing Wen and capsules. On wound superimposed bioresorbable sutures. After removal of ambulatory patient may be allowed to go home immediately. For the successful completion of treatment must be strict compliance with all recommendations of the attending physician. In some cases, the wound is put in a special drainage, which is usually removed in several days. After surgery, the scar may remain unobtrusive.

Puncture-aspiration method.

Another modern method, painless and nizkotravmatichny. In wen liposaktsionnaya introduced a special cannula or a special syringe, through which the contents of the tumors removed. However, the capsule Wen this method can not be removed, which may be a prerequisite for relapse.

Radio wave method.

Bloodless, atraumatic way to carry out the procedure as quickly as possible. The disadvantage is that this method can only be used for removing small growths.

What complications may occur after surgery?

Since this procedure is not complicated, and the postoperative complications usually arise. In extremely rare cases, body temperature rises. If all the recommendations of the surgeon, including wearing a pressure bandage, met, the postoperative period passes quickly. To reduce the risk of inflammatory processes doctor usually appoints a course of antibiotics.

Postoperative prophylaxis

It is necessary to independently monitor their condition, in order not to miss the occurrence of relapses. Once every 6 months is recommended checkups, monitor the condition using ultrasound or x-ray. If one monitors the health and regularly undergo medical examinations, the additional prevention measures are necessary.

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