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Silver jewelry

Silver and silver jewelry – beauty and benefits

Silver and silver ornaments are beauty and benefit. Silver is the second most popular metal used for cutting gems, making jewelry and even household items, cutlery, jars, glasses and glasses. Many people prefer this white metal and claim that it is more comfortable for them than gold, they feel connected with the decoration, silver pendants serve as an amulet. It is true that such sensations are not for everyone, there are people who are uncomfortable with silver, both at the astral level and physically, the silver chain in them causes even allergic reddening and, as it were, suffocating. Astrologers say that this is due to astrological signs, and people born under the sign of the moon do experience discomfort from silver, whether it is so or not, but one should listen to your senses and not ignore the signals sent to them.

  • Silver in small doses is present in the human body, when its amount is insufficient, a person wants a sweet, he is fussy, his speech is accelerated and he is prone to fears and anxious states. Silver enters the body with such, for example products such as fresh cucumbers and cabbage, or absorbed by microparticles through the pores of the skin from the jewelry.
  • Silver has long been used for medical purposes, a patient with a temperature of water from a glass of silver and put a silver chain around his neck. You do not need to urgently buy a silver cup or a glass, just put a silver ring in a regular cup of water. Physicians explain this by the ability of silver to have an antibacterial action that can kill gastric and pulmonary infections.
  • With food and water, the body gets about seven micrograms of silver a day, this is a normal dose, so you can not abuse silver water, excess silver is deposited in the liver and destroys it. Silver is a microelement necessary for normal activity of endocrine glands, brain, liver and bone tissue. Six hundred and fifty species of bacteria die from contact with silver, that is why the English colonizers always drank water in the tropics from silver jars, and they saved them from malaria, inflammations and fevers.
  • Silver protects the body’s immune system, increases resistance. Ionized silver water protects from gastric infections. In the Ottoman Empire in harems, women used massage accessories from silver for healing and rejuvenating the skin. It is customary for newlyweds to give silver forks and spoons to the wedding, this is not only a demonstration of prosperity, but also for the health of a young family and future offspring.

Chains and rings made of silver reduce blood pressure. To a teenager, to get rid of pimple eruptions and acne, it is also useful to wear a medallion from silver. Silver earrings in the ears, improves brain activity and focuses attention, and a silver bracelet on your left hand will help lower the temperature.

To improve the work of the heart, wear a silver ring on the ring finger of the left hand. Silver water, a pair of rings, a liter of water, an infused eight hours, you can not only drink, it perfectly rejuvenates the skin when washing. Silver jewelry is recommended for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and urology, disorders of the nervous system and vision, excessive sweating and migraines. To remove the headache, put a silver coin in the place of the “third eye” and lie down for ten minutes.

All who have silver jewelry know that they periodically darken and lose their shine, this is a reaction to phosphorus and hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere. We will share with you simple ways of cleaning silver jewelry and silverware, just put the decorations in the water together with the peeled potatoes, for three to four hours. Just in a glass with water you can put a teaspoon of soda and put a chain and rings there or put down darkened spoons.

Silver also darkens when in a damp room, so it is best to store the jewelry in a tightly closed box, on a linen napkin. Now, you know that your silver jewelry not only serves as an accessory, but also takes care of your health. To make the jewelry a kind of amulet for you, you need to keep it clean and more often to admire it.

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