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Skin diseases

Scalp problems can be easily resolved!

In skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and seborrheic eczema, the patients often plague severe scales and crusts on the scalp, which are difficult to remove. The Munich dermatologist Professor Dr. med. Dietrich Abeck explains causes and treatment options.

– Why do the same scalp problems often occur in a wide range of skin diseases, which are partly associated with dry and partly with greasy skin?

The extent and type of scales are, of course, different in the different diseases. But all in common is that the increased scaling is triggered by an inflammatory reaction of the scalp. An inflammation always means an intensified stimulus to cell renewal – the skin produces more rapidly new cells, which then quickly dissolve.

– Is it important to remove scales and crusts?

Medical changes are not dangerous. But the itching and the constant feeling of being unkempt can greatly impair psyche and well-being.

– The scalp is difficult to access for local treatments. Is there a solution?

Two factors interfere with the treatment: on the one hand, the hair is in the way; on the other hand, normal creams can hardly be washed out again. Here, the dosage form in the form of an oleogel is a real alternative. The Oleogel Dermabene anticancer gel has a strong flake-reducing effect and can be washed out using water. With Oleogelen the skin is not irritated, but relaxed and cultivated. It can be applied 30 minutes before the hair wash or in the case of stronger dandruff can be applied overnight.

– Is that sufficient for treatment alone?

No, the therapy must also combat the underlying inflammatory reaction. For this, there are cortisone-containing shampoos and prescriptions, which however must be prescribed by a doctor.

– Are there any care mistakes that should be avoided?

Under no circumstances should you use products containing alcohol in the case of inflamed skin.

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