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Frantic pace of modern life causes many people to constantly move around the world for business aims. And if a man easily tolerate frequent flights without thinking about their impact on the skin, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can not afford such lightheadedness.
In an effort to reduce the harmful effects of the conditioned air in the cabin, many women completely refuse on the flight from the use of makeup. The action is based on their conviction that the air in the cabin is already not so good, and if cosmetics clog the pores plus to this- the skin does not breathe.

However, this is not a true. The main problem is not a deficit of the air- it is low moisture content. Therefore, going to flight, women should devote all their efforts to protect the skin from drying it. Fortunately, to minimize the negative impact of dry air is not so difficult.

For this:

  • For 6 – 8 hours before departure you must treat the face with moisturizing mask. It helps the skin to hold moisture better and increase the effectiveness of follow-up procedures.
  • Just before the departure it is necessary to apply a moisturizing serum, and on top – a thin layer of a night cream. At the same time, owners of oily skin is better to prefer a cream intended for normal skin; ladies with normal skin – use a cream with a note “for dry skin”; and women who daily use cream “for dry skin” to replace him on the flight to the cream “for very dry skin.” The purpose of such replacement – moisturize the skin beyond the normal level.

Above care cream should be applied BB cream or a thin layer of foundation. This final layer, on the one hand, lock the complex moisturizers and skin will provide the ability to more effectively resist moisture loss, on the other – will help a woman look better and hence feel more confident. But the use of in-flight mascara is not recommended. The mucous membrane of the eyes in the air, too, suffers from a lack of moisture and dry, causing a strong desire to squint or rub your eyes. Yielding to this request, the lady at risk to get “crow’s feet” or “circles panda.” A decoration is not please any one traveler.
When they reached their destination, the woman as soon as possible to thoroughly clean the skin and then use a moisturizing mask.
Doing these simple procedures will allow the ladies to maintain a radiant, healthy skin even in adverse conditions, long flights, leaving only about the journey a pleasant experience.

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