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Squats is a basic exercise that develops the muscles of the buttocks and hips, and the whole body. Squatting is considered one of the most important, but difficult exercises.

How to do the exercise:

1. Stand in the middle frame with the stamp. Sit down and put on the neck of the delta;
2. Take a step back in order to not interfere with the protective frame stops. Socks slightly turned to the side. The back is always straight;
3. As you inhale slowly lower yourself down as if you’re going to sit on a chair;
4. On the exhale as slowly rise, pushing the whole body with his heels.


Throughout the exercise gaze is directed straight ahead or up, ie when you squat, you do not have to tilt your head forward, otherwise it will be rounded back, which is traumatic. It is better if the back is slightly caved in at the waist.

When you squat feet are on the floor, not looking up. If you feel that spin round and starts to heel lifted, do not crouch below.

Note: squatting, knees should not protrude beyond the toe line, otherwise it may be-breaking stress, which leads to injury. To do this bit back dismiss buttocks, while balancing the upper and lower parts of the body.

  • Squat with a barbell should be smooth, gradually increasing the load.
    Read the article types of sit-ups.
  • When: in the first leg training exercise. Finished squat lunge with the bar, then the leg press, leg extension to finish.

How much: 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Lifting barbell biceps standing as one of the most important and effective exercises for biceps. Excellent load beam inner biceps muscle.

How to do the exercise:

1. Take a medium grip barbell;
2. In the initial position of the neck is located near the hips;
3. Bending your elbows, raise the bar on the top;
4. At the top of the pause and tighten your biceps;
5. Slowly lower the barbell down to its original position.


Do not help the whole body to lift the barbell. We must work only arms. For the body you arbitrarily did not help, you need to lower the shoulders, elbows pressed to the body and a little to bring them forward; take the middle grip bar. At the end of the exercise is not to throw the bar itself, otherwise the burden of biceps leave. If the end of the exercise the elbows are not fully straighten, and leave a bit in a bent position, the load will remain in the biceps.

If your hands slightly forward of the body, it is studied the inner beam when the elbows are displayed back in the work include a large outer head of the biceps. Most often, athletes use the second option.

Raising the bar on the biceps can be 3 Enough:

1. narrow grip – for more work the outer head of the biceps;
2. The wide grip – for the inner head of the biceps. On the outside of the head of a small load;
3. The average grip – to operate with an internal head of the biceps. This is the most common grip when lifting the barbell biceps. With an average-grip-grip can take more weight.

Suitable for both novice and expert.

When in the beginning of training. After lifting the bar to take biceps boom lifts for biceps to bench Scott.

How much: 3-4 sets, 8-13 times.

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