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Strengthening back muscles

Human health depends on lifestyle, which he leads. If any of the bodies or parts of the body weaken or get sick – it is only the result of previous actions. For many years did not know the health problems of the back, it is necessary to pay attention to the spine and muscles, supporting their activity and mobility. That is why strengthening the back muscles is of great importance to the musculoskeletal system to function properly and comfortably.

Strengthening back muscles – it is a prerequisite of health and active life of any person. This is especially important for those who have had the disease and treatment of the spine. Strong and healthy muscles are the key to comfort and mobility of human activity.

Sedentary work, low activity, irregular heavy loads, uncomfortable bed – all of these factors can adversely affect the health of the spine, and muscle strength, especially in the waist, as it is this division accounted for the largest load. Therapeutic exercise can help strengthen your back, to intensify the work of muscles and joints of any person.

Particularly significant role played by exercise therapy for people who have had the disease and treatment of any spinal problems. ENOUGH to endure the pain in the back! There is a simple and affordable means to each.

However appoint a gym for the treatment of diseases of the spine can not appoint a doctor can only exercise. To prevent problems also need careful and competent strengthen muscles, so as not to cause greater harm to health. Therefore it is necessary to know the features of the gym, reading, and the effectiveness of various exercises.

  • Contents 1 The basic rules of any charge
  • Gymnastics Exercises 2

2.1 Warming exercises
2.2 Basic charge
2.3 Relaxation and completion of charging basic rules of any charging order not to make things worse your body exercises or load, you need to consider several recommendations of experts before starting any exercises: WE RECOMMEND!

For the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis, back pain and other spinal diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle, trauma, heredity, increased physical activity, overloading the musculoskeletal system and other reasons, our readers have successfully used method of famous american doctor.

  • After careful consideration of this method, we have decided to offer him and your attention. If exercise therapy is to eliminate the pain or the treatment of any disease, it must be prescribed by a doctor and is carried out in strict accordance with the purpose; Charging for strengthening the back muscles should begin to warm up and prepare the body to load; it is not necessary to load the muscles above their means to increase the rate of employment is better gradually with the strengthening of the muscular system; If you experience any discomfort or pain in the body, especially in the lumbar region, the exercise must be changed in order to avoid congestion or muscle spasm.
  • Trying to strengthen the back muscles, you need to understand that this can be done not only exercises for the spine, but also for the whole body. The general strengthening of the body and the muscular system will be more beneficial to health than targeted work of some specific muscles. ENOUGH to endure the pain in the back! There is a simple and affordable means to each … Read more Perform physical therapy can be both in terms of the sports hall with special simulators and at home, using improvised means and furniture. Gymnastics Exercises Any charge should consist of three phases: warm-up, the maximum load, relaxation exercises.
  • Without the first muscles to load dangerous, without a second charge generally does not make sense to do without the third effect will be minimal, because rest and relaxation to consolidate the results and return the body strength. So Warming exercises, physiotherapy for strengthening the spine and entire back starts with a warm-up, which helps set up the muscles to work, enhance blood circulation, add flexibility and elasticity. To do this, you can perform these exercises: IMPORTANT! Aching back? Enough tolerating this! To get rid of back pain, doctors recommend.
  • The circular movements of the head in different directions. The circular movement of the shoulders forward and backward. Mahi straight arms up and down, sideways, his arms rotation, bent at the elbows. The slopes of the left and right, forward and backward, circular rotation of the pelvis, activating the muscles of the waist. Squats without leaving the heel from the floor. All the exercises to be performed safely by maintaining steady breathing, without jerks and abrupt movements of the spine. Pulse should be accelerated, but not to race too much.
  • Warming up with physical therapy involves training the body to further load. The main charge after warming up the body can proceed to the main load. Despite the fact that the strengthening is the entire body and every muscle, the main emphasis must still be sent to work the back muscles. ENOUGH to endure the pain in the back! There is a simple and affordable means to each for their active work, you can do these exercises: Twists in position – lying on his back.
  • They can be performed with fixed feet that are in a bent position. This hand can be either on the back of the head or crossed on his chest. Perform this exercise can be both on a flat surface, and the inclined plane. The position is the same. Exercise is to raise smooth legs to an angle of 45 or 60 degrees.
  • You can make familiar to all from childhood scissors or exercise bike. In addition to strengthening the back muscles, lifting the legs causes the abdominal muscles work well. Lying on your stomach, you can take your hands off the floor and the upper torso or legs. To complicate it’s worth doing at the same time, changing the legs and arms, the maximum deflection of the spine in the lumbar spine. Such deflections effectively influence the strengthening of the lumbar muscles. They help strengthen the muscles of the back exercises that are performed in the position – standing on all fours, hands and knees focused on the floor.

You can in turn raise straight legs and retract, then add hands. At the same time taking his right leg back, you need to add the left hand, and, on the contrary, with the left foot off the floor right hand. A very important part of the charge, strengthens the back muscles are stretching exercises for the whole body. They allow you to discover the hidden reserves of the body, activate the work of the joints and tendons, muscles give large amplitude operation.

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