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The main causes of pain in the foot

Sore feet – the reason of the pain in feet are turning more often to the orthopedist. The foot is quite important anatomical unity of the human skeleton. Thanks to her, unable to stand and walk, leaning on his feet. This is one of the qualities which directly distinguishes man from animal. Despite all this, the foot – a rather complex mechanism that every day feels a huge load. For this reason, it could be seriously damaged.

The structure of the foot structure is composed of 15 bones, joints detected more than 10. It is thanks to this structure, the human body has the ability to sustainability movement and the ability to carry additional load in excess of the usual.

The main causes of pain in the foot

Most people are concerned about the fact why sore feet. Usually the reasons are pretty obvious. According to many doctors, the negative feeling in the feet occur because of bad footwear. The present generation tends to be fashionable and stylish, because of this, getting quite uncomfortable shoes, which contributes to the development of serious violations, becomes the owner of diseases associated with dysfunction of the limbs.

The main cause of pain in the feet is to wear uncomfortable shoes with heels, flat soled platform, narrow noses. And that’s not all the causes of symptoms of pain feet. If a person on top of the extra weight, and its work is connected with the load, in any case, the pain appears.

Most patients suffering associated with bed rest, which causes depletion of bone, tendons, and muscles, as there is a chemical change in the composition of the feet. This leads to pain.

Many want to know why your feet hurt the cause of the legs, but did not suspect that the effect of systemic and chronic diseases on the health of your feet is huge. Or chronic post-traumatic osteoporosis, in most cases leads to diffuse foot pain. As a result of the defeat of vessels that supply blood to the lower part of the extremities, often causing pain.

Local pain in the legs, namely in the feet can occur for several reasons, which may include:

Plantar fasciitis

The disease develops due to stretching fascia, which is the connective tissue that is located in the foot area. Pain is present at the site in the heel and arch area of ​​the foot. If time does not begin treatment, the heel is subjected to deformation, and because of this developing heel spurs.


The reason for Foot pain can be arthritis, diseases associated with disorders of the capillaries and blood vessels, deformation or pinched nerves and nerves, many orthopedic problems.

Metatarsalgia is the age biomechanical and biochemical changes in the ligaments and bone composition. The consequences of this disease are severe pain and dysfunction of the foot. Furthermore, there may be rheumatoid arthritis and bursitis.

Neuroma of the foot

Neuroma is a benign formation of nerve tissue that occurs around the nerve. In this case, the pain localized at the base of the 4th and 3rd finger. The main cause of the disease is too narrow or wearing uncomfortable shoes. Pain can occur not only during travel, but in the rest the legs.

Injuries and sprains

X-rays to determine the extent of damage, because of which there are pains. Dislocation of a metatarsal injury or Lisfranc joint provoke deformation of the bones. At the site of injury to form tumors and there is severe pain. OFFSET, talus bone of the joint leads to the rupture of ligaments, as well as the deformation of the foot.

Flatfoot: traumatic and acquired

Such diseases can become a cause foot deformities. They can be accompanied by a burning sensation in the joints of the foot, the occurrence of recurrent pain while running or walking. Such people suffer symptoms that are subject to long-term stress on the legs. When excess weight is exacerbated.

The disease Weir-Mitchell

Rodonalgia is a disease that affects mostly men 30-45 years. It causes severe pain and a burning sensation in the toes due to the temperature rise.

Also, major diseases, arising from wearing uncomfortable shoes are:

  • Corns.
  • Plantar warts.
  • Bursitis, deformation.
  • Ingrown nails.

Most men go to the doctor with a sore foot, right foot. This problem mainly affects smokers, when the affected vessels feeding blood stops. The disease is called atherosclerosis obliterans.

Symptoms include numbness, which occurs in the first stage of the toes, and then signs and appear in the left leg. In the future, the disease affects a limb above the level of the fingers. The situation is aggravated smoking, although they may suffer, and non-smoking people.

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