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The need of Breakfast

It is known about the need of breakfast! However, not everyone turns to follow this installation: someone gets up too early, someone is always late, someone just can not eat a bite in the morning. How to try to convince yourself that the breakfast must be?

Breakfast – is energy. The average person sleeps about 6-9 hours per day, not including naps. It is believed that during the night the body is asleep and does not consume any energy. This is a very dangerous delusion. Exchange processes do not stop, day or night. In a single night’s sleep the average person spends about 200 kcal. In the period of active rest the digestive organs. For example, active liver cleanses the body of accumulated toxins. The kidneys perform their main job is in the night period – by maximizing blood flow increases their activity. The body tries to process and print all the unwanted substances from the body. So after waking up a person simply need to fill the body with energy for its further work properly.

Breakfast – is the foundation of the diet. It is known that the main meal should be about 30-40% of the human diet. Breakfast should be hearty to provide human energy for the first half of the day. Most calories maximum flow is observed from 8 to 12 days. It is important that during this period the body does not starved. It is best to eat complex carbohydrates for breakfast and proteins. For example, oatmeal with honey and nuts or scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. It was found that people who skip breakfast, eat lunch and dinner about 500 extra calories. This could potentially lead to the extra kilos and slow metabolism. Breakfast is allowed to treat yourself to your favorite treats, such as chocolate candies or 2-3. They are not reflected in the figure, because sweets are eaten in the morning to help the body recover after a night’s rest.

Breakfast is needed for the brain! In the night between the human brain is resting, it almost does not react to external stimuli (noise, light). The brain is fully translated into a passive state. Therefore, it is important to charge it with energy in the morning. It is not enough to have a cup of coffee with chocolate. Brain needs good nutrition. Proper breakfast helps to concentrate better during the day, the memory will operate more efficiently and inattention virtually disappear.

Not necessarily every day to prepare the same breakfast, because then the process simply bored. Look up and try new recipes, because then it will be a welcome breakfast.

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