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Causes of urethritis in men:

Urethritis causes urethra from the skin, of the intestine, as well as during sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal) fall pathogens.

While the body’s immune system in general and the wall of the urethra are able to deal with it- everything is alright. But once there comes a decrease in the protective functions of the body, urethritis shows the first manifestations.

Here are the main factors that can trigger the disease.

  • Medical manipulations: It may be surgery, bladder catheterization, sampling swab, etc .;
    Chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • A small amount of water in the diet. The fact that regular urination promotes bacterial washout. If the break up to several hours, the risk of inflammation of the urethra increases significantly.
  • Eating spicy, pickled, salty, acidic foods and alcohol. In large quantities, these products cause penetration of substances irritating the channel wall and the bladder in the urine. This not only causes the progression of existing urethritis, but also his appearance “from scratch”.

Causes of urethritis:

  • irregular sex;
  • a large number of partners;
  • hard physical labor;
  • urolithiasis disease. Stones, passing through the urethra, can also injure the
  • walls;
  • mechanical damage to the penis;
  • hypothermia (single and especially systematic).

From the impact of these factors are not insured by any one man. It is therefore important to know how to begin urethritis, not to tighten its treatment.

The symptoms of male urethritis:

Symptoms of urethritis in men and the beginning of the disease it is impossible to miss, because it brings in enough pain. Discomfort. In the process of voiding a man feels the following ailments:

  • pain;
  • rez;
  • itching;
  • burning.

Typically, these sensations occur not only in the penis and its head, but also in the crotch.

What should be alerted:

  • Blood – it is a signal of mechanical damage (requires an urgent appeal to the doctor);
    the secret of the prostate (in men can be released with chronic prostatitis after sexual intercourse or during bowel movements);
    mucus (discharge caused by urethritis).
  • Sometimes reveal inflammation of the urethra without special treatment and testing is difficult as it may be asymptomatic. But this is extremely rare.
  • If you notice any of these symptoms, you should search for medical advice immediately. If this is not urethritis, it is clearly a violation of some other nature.
  • Before the cure of urethritis, it is necessary to identify the causative agent of urethritis. Therefore, the patient will be tested for the presence of sexually transmitted infections as well as opportunistic. Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the bladder, the scrotum, the presence of prostate complications.

Then, directly appointed by the treatment that should solve two problems:

  • elimination of infection;
  • the restoration of the walls of the urethra.
  • To solve the first task is assigned to a course of antibiotics. They are taken together with vitamins, enzymes, immunomodulators and to minimize side effects of the drug.

For the basic treatment procedures are also prescribed a drug delivery into the urethra. With this method up to 80% killed pathogens. Besides the active ingredients in such formulations by urethritis in men and are directed at restoring damaged walls.
The names of the main drugs of urethritis in men do not consciously present, as both should be assigned only to the attending physician on the basis of the diagnostic study.

Chronic urethritis in men without appropriate treatment may lead to a narrowing of the urethra, and as a result – to decrease the pressure of male’s urine and being unable to continue its abduction. In severe cases requires a surgery.

Another nuisance which may be encountered – an inflammation of the spermatic tubercle. It is a point of the channel, in which the opening of the ejaculatory ducts seminal vesicles. This disease is accompanied by a very strong pain spreading to the abdomen, thighs, scrotum, perineum.

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