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What your feet say to you?

What your feet say: Foot pain and psychological problems

  • We know that you can judge about health, and even the fate of a person, on his hands.
  • And this is obvious, because the hands are always in front of our eyes.

Another thing – the feet. They are always turned downwards and, as a rule, are hidden by shoes. Therefore, they receive much less attention than they deserve.

And meanwhile, the feet are our support. It is with our feet that we walk along our life path, in every sense of the word.

All the hardships of our earthly road, all the vicissitudes of fate and the peculiarities of our character, assume the footing – the foot.

And because of the condition and characteristic foot diseases, one can judge the state of affairs in our life and inner world.

In this article we will talk about the connection of various foot diseases and psychoemotional problems.

  1. Unhealthy skin color of the feet
  2. Flattening
  3. Bones on the big toes
  4. Arthritis
  5. Fungal diseases of the feet
  6. Warts
  7. Spurs on the heels
  8. Dry calluses and coarse skin
  9. Excessive sweating of the feet
  10. “Wet” corns (blisters)

We also give recommendations for healing – how to solve the problem, changing their behavior and worldview.

Bonus to readers:

At the end of the article, you can download the booklet “What your feet are saying” with the expanded text version of this article.

1. Unhealthy skin color of the feet
Symptom: If your feet are very pale, then you are tired and almost devoid of vitality.

Recommendation: Do not leave this unattended! Be sure to provide yourself with rest, not only physical, but also spiritual. Stay alone with yourself, nature.

The feet can be smeared with fragrant oil or cream, massage, and also indulge yourself in any other way.

Symptom: Reddened feet are a sign of your anger and irritation in some life situation. So, the redness of the heels indicates social or family difficulties.

Recommendation: Feet blush if you hold back, accumulate negative emotions – for example, brushing off them or forbidding yourself to get angry.

However, an uncontrolled “explosion” will not help either.

Analyze the situation, highlight the cause of irritation and deal with it clearly and consciously.

Symptom: Bluish skin color indicates that you are tired of life’s hardships or heartache, and stay out of your last breath.

Impressions and Recommendations: Immediately rest! And then think carefully about how to change the situation for the better. Perhaps you need to turn to someone for help, because you get this load almost unbearable.

Symptom: Yellowing of the foot skin means that the person has come to the edge of some long-term life situation or relationship, already tired of it. It also means self-denying the expression of some important feelings.

Recommendation: Answer yourself honestly, what situations and relationships you have long been dissatisfied with, and what you can change in your behavior.

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