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Foot pain causes

After long-term walking or standing, foot pain is normal, and almost everybody has ever experienced it. There are some cases though, when foot pain can be a sign of serious problems in the body. Let’s find out what factors may lead to foot pain in people.

Varicose veins

Due to disrupted venous blood outflow the pressure in blood vessels goes up, which causes venous congestion. This condition creates a feeling of heaviness and pain, that increases by the end of the day. Compression socks or a cold foot bath can relieve the pain. It’s healthy to walk barefoot to massage the feet and improve the blood circulation.

Flat feet

This disorder can be not only congenital, but also acquired in adulthood. The muscles and joints of the feet are weakened, and the arches become denser. This decreases the damping function of the feet. As a result, the feet get tired fast when walking. To improve the discomfort, appropriate orthopedic shoes are recommended.


A foot has more than a dozen joints, that can easily break down and inflame due to various infections. People with arthritis suffer from foot pain all day with random increases and decreases of pain. The pain can be different: sharp when walking, or nagging when standing. The joint itself swells, the skin gets red and burning. In case of arthritis, it’s important to detect the disease and start the treatment timely, otherwise the foot can deform so badly, that only surgical interference will be able to cure it.


Osteoporosis is thinning of the bone tissue, that develops because of calcium deficiency. The patient suffers from cramps in the legs and feet, and severe pain in the calves. The disease is most commonly seen in women aged 40 or older. Smokers and coffee-lovers are also likely to be exposed to osteoporosis. To detect the disease, the patient has to undergo X-ray and ultrasound. As a rule, calcium-containing medications are prescribed. It is also important to modify the diet and enrich it with calcium.


People, suffering form diabetes, experience foot pain and heaviness, that is often accompanied with cramps at night. The feet and legs swell. There’s feeling of shivering, numbness and tingling in the feet. The skin on the lower legs becomes dry and flakes off

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