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Why do I get pimples on my face?

The main difficulty is to understand what causes acne is the reason you have. To find out for sure, you need to see a doctor and to hand over all the relevant tests. Today we try to understand what causes acne often.

Why do I get pimples on my face so often?

Surging hormones. This is perhaps the most common reason why on the face of pimples. The most common because it covers practically the entire population:

Teenagers at maturity

Between 13-20 years of acne does not only appear in the biggest luckies. This period is a determining factor in the sense of whether you have further problems with acne or not. If you start to eat properly, do not push acne and consult with a specialist, there is a very high probability that the acne problem you run now. Conversely, if you rely on the most Russian “self pass” can be tormented and to 30. It all depends on you.

Pregnant women

Pregnancy is a real cocktail of hormones, which, mingling together, are able to call on his face a perfect storm. Get rid of acne even more difficult than from teenage. Tips are the same: to follow the diet, not to press pimples and, from time to time to consult with your doctor. Treating acne during pregnancy is complicated by the fact that many domestic drugs for acne are prohibited. On this issue, too, need to talk to your doctor before self-goodness never brings.

Girls during menstruation

Very often the pimples on the face are due to nerves. Sam went through it: the greatest aggravation I was due to problems in the family. So on trifles not nervous, because problems do not get frustrated, and generally enjoy life longer. Positive attitude provides a much better result! Smile and wave :)

Here on this issue, you are able to get rid of even today, it would wish. Already a lot of time talking about it, will not be repeated.

Squeezing acne, constant dirty hands touch the face, propping your head. These causes can be defined in a single group. As compliance with this rule can change your life read in this thread. This is probably one of the main reasons, along with hormones. You can conduct a little experiment: to count how many times you touch your face during the day. I am sure you will be surprised at the results.

Due to the improper and an unbalanced diet. You can also conduct an experiment: try all day to eat properly, eat fried, greasy, chocolate, drink it all soda. During the 3 days of pimples appear you with a guarantee. So take my word and did not carry out the experiment better :) Good to read: abandon what products?

The wrong choice of cosmetics. It is very important to choose the right cosmetics for problem skin. Cosmetics should not be greasy and non-comedogenic (non-comedogenic). So it is better to use the minimum foundation, and even better to completely abandon its use. It is better to use powder, it is much less clog pores.

Demodex mite is often the causative agent of acne. Read about it here.

Diseases of the internal organs, especially of the gastrointestinal tract. There is a saying: “What do we have in the stomach – and then in the face.” In this case, acne – it is the least of your problems, we go to the doctor immediately!

As already mentioned, these are the most common causes of acne. Why do I get pimples on your face in your particular case, the doctor will determine.

Once you understand why you have pimples, you can proceed to treatment. That is, you first need to understand the problem and then treat. Not the other way around. Fortunately on this site provided many tools that will help you get rid of acne.

Direction is set – now it’s up to you. All you’ll get!

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