About Us

Our blog differs a lot from other sources of information. In our online journal you won’t come across with debates on critical medical problems, or talks on political issues. We write about the life as it is, with all its events that inevitably occur every day. Unfortunately, not all of them are bright and happy.

Our blog is like a private diary of an author, who expresses his own thoughts and opinions in it. In no way, the diary can be called official mass media. Unlike licensed sources of information, the author of the blog is not obliged to provide truthful or biased information.

The articles do not have to have any high artistic or cultural value. In the meantime, you won’t find any calls for violence or ethnic conflicts, as well as statements demeaning certain individuals in our blog.

The articles published in the blog do not have any legal power. The information enclosed in the articles can not be used in civil, military or arbitrage litigations. Neither it can be used as evidence or counter-evidence in whatever other cases.

Our blog contains articles based on our thoughts and observations on disputable medical issues, that concern both medical experts and regular people.

We do not support quackery or fraudulence. In our articles, we are trying to deliver information to our readers in laypeople’ terms, but using principals of evidence-based medicine.