Diseases of musculoskeletal system

Diseases of musculoskeletal system

The musculoskeletal system of a person is an important complex unit that is responsible for the body motor function. The musculoskeletal system consists of bones and joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilages. They support internal organs, keep the shape of the body, protect the body from external impact, and allow us to take necessary positions.

The diseases of the musculoskeletal system may be caused by different reasons, and require different treatment methods. It is commonly believed that most of them are linked to autoimmune processes, chronic diseases, frequent micro-traumas, metabolic pathologies, allergies, infectious diseases, frequent hypothermia, and work in uncomfortable positions.

Some of the most frequently seen disorders are:

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joints. The inflammation causes pain when moving the affected body part. Quite often, arthritis is accompanied by redness and burning in the area of the inflamed joint.

Arthrosis is another common joint disease, similar to arthritis. This one destroys the articular cartilage and joint capsule, and deforms the bones. The breakdown of the cartilage occurs gradually. As a rule, it is caused by a trauma, dislocation and subluxation. With aging, the cartilage loses its elasticity and gets more prone to injuries. Typical symptoms are pain and crunch in the joints, inflammation and edema.

Gout is a disease that is based on violation of purine metabolism. The level of uric acid in the blood increases, which leads to excessive amount of its crystallized salts in the body. The salts deposit in the joints, periarticular tissues, kidneys and other organs. Accumulation of the salts in the joints may eventually lead to their inflammation. It may cause severe pain, swelling and redness of the periarticular tissues and joints.

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that is characterized by fragile bones. The condition is caused by serious disorders of metabolic processes in the body.