Men’s Health after 30 years old

Many men, especially young guys, pay not enough attention to their health and visit a doctor only in cases of real emergency. They do not even think that starting from the age of thirty (and even earlier) everyone needs to start doing something to prevent numerous potential diseases. Unfortunately, during recent decades, many of diseases have really “grown younger.” Earlier, a number of diseases, for example, heart attacks and strokes were observed extremely rare in young people and now these diseases affect men already in the middle of their life, often leading to disability and physical challenges.

That’s why all men who have reached the age of thirty are recommended to visit their therapist at least once a year and undergo a series of diagnostics. Identification of diseases that in the early stages often occur completely asymptomatically, makes it possible to stop or slow down their progression, thus preserving the health of a young man.

Extra weight

Many men consider some extra kilograms exclusively a female problem, and exclusively an aesthetic one, however it not true. After the age of 25-30, metabolic processes in a body slow down, and this becomes one of the reasons for the development of obesity.

Many men over 30 are having sedentary lifestyle.Active student’s life left behind, some got cars. After work, where many of them just sit the whole day in a chair, they prefer to lie down on a couch in front of a TV, and never visit a gym, go jogging or walk on foot. This is one of the reasons for gaining excess weight, however, inactivity increases not only the risk of obesity, but also leads to many other health issues. Inactive people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, because of heart muscle weakening, the risk of diabetes development increases, digestive processes slow down, and as a consequence of that slags and toxins accumulate in the body.

Bad habits

Everyone knows that bad habits never do any good. If you have not done this before, it’s time to think about the time to get rid of nicotine addiction, and also to stop abuse of alcohol . Over the age of 30 the organs and systems of the body are no longer as active as before, so toxic substances entering the body together with tobacco smoke and alcohol are not metabolized properly, which means that most of them accumulate in the body. At the age of 30 years majority of smoking men do not have obvious problems with the respiratory system yet, but by the age of 50, and even earlier, all smokers will be diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, and half of those will have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition, people who smoke are more likely to have respiratory diseases, tuberculosis and oncological diseases.