Men’s health after age 50

According to the statistics, most health disorders and diseases in men occur when they reach the age of 50. It goes without saying, that the problems are caused by age-related factors. For this reason, it is extremely important to pay special attention to men’s health after 50.

To maintain strong health, a man should do certain lifestyle modifications, quit bad habits, and undergo a total body examination to estimate his health state. The most common diseases seen in men over 50 are: hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, prostatitis, radiculitis. Another serious problem is obesity, that many men do not consider a disease, and therefore ignore its signs. Sometimes, men who celebrated their 50th birthday can experience depression, which leads to other health disorders. The risk of all these pathologies is twice as high in alcohol and drug-dependent men, and smokers. In order to pass a preventive examination, one should make an appointment with a therapist in a hospital or a special diagnostic center.

After discussing complaints about health (if there are any), the doctor will examine the patient. Based on the results of life anamnesis and examination, the therapist will be able to determine the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or other disorders.

It’s highly important to carry out a blood pressure measurement. It is much easier to treat arterial hypertension, when it is diagnosed on an early stage. In addition, timely treatment decreases the risk of probable complications.

All men over 50 years old should do electrocardiography (ECG) to detect cardiac pathologies. Quite often, early stages are asymptomatic, but their signs can be seen in the ECG results. Urine and feces analysis, clinical and biochemical blood tests can help to estimate the work of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and other internal organs.

Men over 50 are recommended to take regular preventive examinations by a urologist. It is in the age of 50, when most men face potency problems. According to the statistics, about 50% men have problems in sexual life, but only 15% of them do pay attention to this fact. In the meantime, potency problems or erectile dysfunction may indicate other disorders in the body. At this age, there is a high risk to develop prostatitis, adenoma and prostate cancer.

To save good vision, a man over 50 should visit an eye doctor on a regular basis too, especially if he already has any eye diseases or disorders.

Many people believe, that the older you get, the more you should keep yourself away from physical activity. They suggest that relaxing is more preferable than exercising or sports. These people are certainly wrong. Regular physical activity prevents the men from cardiovascular diseases, problems with the musculoskeletal system, obesity and atherosclerosis.